All You Need to Know
About Our HYPOXI Devices

Discover the power of our HYPOXI devices and how they will help you achieve real targeted fat burning.

HYPOXI Devices

When you sign up for HYPOXI sessions, our HYPOXI-Coaches will work out the best program and device based on your body shape and fat loss goals. Check out how our devices work below.





HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort (HDC)

HYPOXI Sizing Requirements

Using our HYPOXI devices will require you to either wear a suit (for the Vacunaut and HDC) or a skirt (for the S120 and L250). Check out the sizing requirements below.


S120 AND L250

Note: 80 – 89 kgs is the maximum weight for the S120

Size 45 is only available for the L250

HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort (HDC)

Our HDC suits are one size fits all, suitable for males and females up to 120kgs.

Guidelines For Your HYPOXI Session

What do I wear?

S120 and L250

S120 and L250 Training should be undertaken in loose-fitting gym pants, a t-shirt and joggers. We also ask that you bring your own gym towel and water bottle with you. 


Vacunaut Training should be carried out wearing skin-tight bike pants or leggings, a tight-fitted long sleeve top and joggers. We also ask that you bring your own gym towel and water bottle with you. 


HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort should be carried out wearing loose-fitting pants, a long sleeve top and socks. We also ask that you bring your own water bottle with you. 

What can I expect?

Once you arrive at the studio, our staff will provide everything you need, assist you in and out of the devices and guide you through your HYPOXI session. HYPOXI is perfect if you’re time poor because each session only takes 30 minutes to achieve optimal fat-burning results. 

L250/S120/Vacunaut – 30 minute sessions

HYPOXI DERMOLOGY COMFORT – 20 minute sessions