5 Benefits of Having an Exercise Buddy

Looking for ways to make working out more fun and fulfilling? One thing we recommend here at HYPOXI is to have an exercise buddy. Whether it’s your BFF, mum or any family member, finding a workout partner can keep you motivated and inspire you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Ready to make your next workout session more enjoyable? Here are five reasons why having an exercise buddy can help you in your body transformation journey. 


You have someone to keep you motivated 

Motivation is important when it comes to losing weight. But unfortunately, self-motivation can sometimes be tricky. There are days when our drive to exercise is at an all-time low and we feel too tired. 

This is where having an exercise buddy comes in handy. When you have a partner who is also taking the same journey as yours, you’ll be more likely to encourage each other to push harder. In fact, a study revealed that people who work out with partners exercise more than those who do it alone. 

This goes to show that the people around you play a crucial role in achieving your health goals. Your loved ones can offer the physical and emotional support you need to get the results you’re after.


It will help you stay consistent

Consistency is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to losing weight, and having an exercise buddy is one way to keep you more consistent with your exercise routine. 

Sometimes the most challenging part about working out is showing up. If you know someone is counting on you, it will give you more reason to stay on track with your fitness routine. For instance, if you and your friend booked an exercise class or scheduled a HYPOXI session together, you’re more likely to keep that commitment. It’s an excellent motivator for you to show up and stick with your goals.  


It can lessen your stress

There’s no doubt that exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress. But did you know that having an accountability partner can help lessen your stress even more? Another study showed that those who exercised with their loved ones experienced positive mood changes significantly. They felt calmer, less tired and happier afterwards than those who do their exercise routine alone. 

If you have a partner, you can treat your exercise sessions as social times where you can both catch up and relax. You can share stories about your day, decompress, multitask and even discuss your fitness progress. 


You’ll learn something new

Most of us tend to get nervous about trying a new exercise class or weight loss program when we’re alone. But if you have a pal who can join you in trying new activities, you will be less intimidated, and the journey becomes even more valuable and rewarding. 

You and your buddy can support and encourage each other to step out of your comfort zone. Since we all have different experiences, activities and fitness levels, you’re likely to learn new skills and techniques from your partner. They can share tips on what they learned on their own journey that you can also try and vice versa. You’ll both be able to guide each other and share fresh ideas on how you can achieve your body shaping goals. 


It’s more fun

While it’s vital to stay focused when working out, you need to keep in mind that exercise should also be fun. Sometimes, exercising alone might feel a bit tedious. But with a workout buddy, you’ll be able to make your body transformation journey more enjoyable.  You have someone to chitchat and laugh with as you do your training. This can help you build positive feelings related to exercise. 

When working out with someone, you’ll notice that time flies really fast because you enjoy the process. Just like what they always say, doing things together is more fun than doing them alone. 


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