Wonder Woman Cassandra!

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Rebecca in Interview

At 20 years old, Cassie opened up her HYPOXI studio in St Ives. Three years on, she tells us what she loves most about HYPOXI and how her superhero sidekick has helped her achieve her goals!

When did you first try HYPOXI and why?

I first tried HYPOXI prior to a holiday one summer when I was going to Hamilton Island. I was dreading getting into a bikini. I wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite and lose cm’s around my tummy, hips, bum and legs. I’d been going to the gym at least 5 times per week but I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, so when I had a chance to complete a 4 week program of HYPOXI before my holiday I gave it a shot! I lost 25cms in total and felt more comfortable in my bikini on our holiday! My skin was so much smoother and toned and I loved the results so much that I completed another round a year later!




What do you love about the technology?

I love how it is a low impact work-out that only takes 30 minutes and that it’s targeting all the area’s of your body that woman/men find hard to shift through regular exercise. You also get the results really fast! Loving the combination of the HDC and the S120/L250! Being pear-shaped these devices are best suited to me. It’s amazing to think that a 30 minute low-impact work-out can make such a difference on your overall body shape. I have lost 9.5kgs in the past year using HYPOXI in the lead up to my wedding this year!

You opened your studio at a young age, what inspired you to do so?

I opened my HYPOXI studio at the age of 20 when I was looking into starting my own business. I wanted to have a business where I was passionate about the products so when I thought about it, HYPOXI won me over. Having had my Studio for almost 3 years now, I feel great knowing I have made so many clients feel that confidence that I felt when I first did HYPOXI. I see amazing results every day and I absolutely love helping my clients reach their body shaping and weight-loss goals! It is an extremely rewarding business to run.

Who has been your Super Hero sidekick?

My fiancé would have to be my sidekick! He has been so supportive of me opening up my own business at such a young age. He always tells me how proud he is and keeps me motivated to continue to grow my business each and every day. HYPOXI has been great for both of our lifestyles too.

What is your favourite HYPOXI friendly meal?

My favourite HYPOXI friendly meal would definitely have to be an Omelet filled with veggies! This fills me up for so long and I don’t get carb cravings at all post HYPOXI.

What do you love most about your job?

Showing my client’s their before/after photo from their HYPOXI program! Their body shapes have completely changed and the look on their face is so rewarding. I absolutely love it when they know all their hard work has paid off.

HYPOXI Body Design Studio St Ives

Suite 2a, Level 1, 2 Memorial Avenue, St Ives NSW 2075, Australia

Bookings by appointment only

Monday and Wednesday: 7:30am – 8pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 12pm – 8pm

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Please email Cassie on [email protected] or phone 0404 664 308 to book your free trial