Posted on September 26, 2013 by Rebecca in Life

With Summer less than three months away; we’ll be wearing paper crowns and playing Michael Bublé Christmas songs at 8 o’clock in the morning before we know it! No wonder September has good reason to be the ‘Spring Clean’ month… not only for our homes, but also our health, our wardrobes, our window-sill herb gardens and our bodies. To help you get on track, here’s your checklist to help spruce your temples (your home and body) so that they shine in preparation for the festive season…

Kick the chemicals – throw out those chemical-laden cleaning products and cosmetics and invest (actually, you’ll end up saving money) in natural products. Stop suffocating in Jif and bleach, and to make your own simple all-purpose cleaner: dilute ½ cup of white vinegar plus ¼ cup baking soda into 2 litres of water. Add your favourite essential oils (we love Lavender and Eucalyptus!) to make your house smell fresh and delicious, and scrub away in peace knowing your body is thanking you!

Get body confident – Nature is moving again, and it’s time for you to move too! Start a new habit by making the most out of the sunnier days and longer evenings: walk or cycle to work if you can, try something different (paddle-boarding, surfing, ballet, rock-climbing?!). Spring is a great time for mixing up your routine, and any form of physical activity is a great boost on your non-HYPOXI days! Not only will it instantly lift your mood, it’s a great way to keeping you on track to achieve your summer body goals. So, commit to a new activity, and you’ll notice you’re donning shorter sleeves and hemlines in no-time at all, not to mention adding a new string to your bow!

Update your wardrobe – Spring is an ideal time to freshen up your look. Improving your image and personal brand is a worthwhile investment. Fold away all of those bulky knitted jumpers, woollen socks and winter PJ’s. While you’re at it, throw out anything that you didn’t wear since last summer (not literally, please give your old favourites to your closest Vinnies or Salvos). If it wasn’t cool enough for you a year ago, it’s certainly not going to be cool this season. Unless it’s a classic, why haven’t you worn it yet? Is it because you weren’t confident enough? Didn’t have something to wear it with?  Look no further than our next promotion with exclusive online fashion retailer, THE ICONIC. From next Wednesday, we are offering the chance to WIN a $3,000 wardrobe and make-over in collaboration with THE ICONIC (be sure to check out our website and Facebook page for details next week!).

Try out your green thumb and create your own herb garden! – Most of us don’t have much space to create an elaborate veggie garden, but most of us do have a window sill or a bare brick wall to use as a vertical garden for easy-peasy herbs! You can plant in old wooden vegetable or wine boxes, vintage teapots, cane baskets, wooden pallets, mason jars and unused tin tea containers. Start with just a few herbs; thyme, rosemary, basil and mint need very little love. They may even take over your kitchen and inspire some new dishes (tip: our Recipe of Month will get you started!).