Posted on June 23, 2014 by Rebecca in Fast Weight Loss, General Health, Get Rid of Cellulite, Life, Nutrition

If you are one of the many who is gearing up for the colder weather with the aim of making it through the cooler months colds and flu free it may be time to check your intake of superfoods. In the case of winter superfoods, it is their Vitamin C, antioxidant and unsaturated fat contents known to help boost immunity and fight infection that places them in the “superfood” category. Aim to include as many superfoods in your diet each day as you can and give your body the immune boost it may need to get you through the chilly months. Outlined below are our top 5 winter superfoods to help give you a nutritional boost.

Our Top 5 Winter Superfoods

1. Broccoli – exceptionally high in antioxidants

The rule of thumb when it comes to vegetables is the brighter the colour; the better they will be for you. Broccoli is always the dieticians’ favourite green vegetable as it contains high levels of key antioxidants as well as a number of vitamins and minerals. Add to as many vegetables dishes and stir fries throughout the week.

2. Carrots – massive boost of the antioxidant beta carotene

Another brightly coloured vegetable choice, carrots are packed full of beta carotene, the precursor to vitamin A. Just a carrot a day will keep the doctor away and is a great snack food choice teamed with a low fat dip. Remember that over cooking vegetables is a sure fire way to kill the vitamins so if you cook your carrots, aim to lightly steam only or alternatively make it a daily ritual to snack on a carrot rather than raid the biscuit tin!

3. Lean red meat (Beef or steak) – The hit of iron and zinc you need

Many people eliminate red meat from their diet instead thinking that fish and chicken are healthier options but as long as you choose lean meat, you are getting a more nutrient dense choice than both chicken and fish. Lean red meat is a rich source of iron, zinc and Vitamin B12 which are all crucial for optimal energy production, particularly for active people. It also lends itself to hearty, winter recipes like soup, casseroles and pot dishes.

4. Kiwi fruit – entire daily requirement of Vitamin C

Did you know that just a single kiwi fruit provides your total daily requirement of Vitamin C? This furry fruit is packed full of nutrition and a great choice of lunchbox filler for kids- try cutting the top of off a kiwi, and teaming it with a spoon for a sweet tasty fruit snack. A kiwi also provides almost 3 grams of fibre, a significant amount of beta-carotene – the pre cursor to vitamin a and is low in kilojoules. Try blending with berries for a nutrient rich fruit drink, or adding to salads.

5. Green tea – powerful antioxidant

If there was one type of tea you should add to your tea repertoire it would have to be green tea. Not only is green tea exceptionally high in antioxidants, there is also some evidence to show that it can help with fat burning. Aim for a cup after each meal and caffeine free varieties are the best option. If you do not love the flavour of plain green tea, the flavoured varieties are fine and remember, the longer you leave the tea bag in, the better it will be for you.