The Transformation Opportunity of a Lifetime

Posted on May 21, 2015 by Rebecca in Life

Inspired by their mission to make real men and women look and feel fabulous, Australian Skin Clinics launched a competition this year to give away a transformation opportunity of a lifetime.  Winners received $15,000 worth of Australian Skin Clinic treatments as part of their transformation, $2,000 in cash prize money and a 12-session HYPOXI package!

The amazing prize package attracted thousands of eager entrants but in the end there were two clear winners!

Introducing, Kissarne – the female face of the Australian Skin Clinics 2015!

Kissarne spent most of her youth in the modeling and TV industry. After falling in love with her husband, she completely devoted herself her family’s health and wellbeing. Although a skin transformation was on her wish list for many years, Kissarne always put the needs of others first. As soon as Kissarne’s husband heard about the Face of Australian Skin Clinics 2015 competition, he encouraged her to enter immediately.

Why was Kissarne chosen?

Kissarne’s photos illustrated great potential for improvement with an Australian Skin Clinics’ facial rejuvenation and pigmentation treatment. Her essay also revealed a great personality and attitude that would be a great match to be an Australian Skin Clinics’ ambassador.

Introducing, Kurt – the male face of the Australian Skin Clinics 2015!

Kurt  is a busy entrepreneur who is not ashamed to take care of himself. With a little encouragement from his wife, Kurt realised he needed to take action now to prevent future skin damage.

Why was Kurt chosen?

Kurt was chosen as he displayed great potential for improvement with Australian Skin Clinics acne scarring treatment and laser hair removal. In addition, Kurt has a great attitude and is excited to prove that grooming, skin care and anti-ageing prevention techniques can be a masculine pursuit and all treatments are suitable for any man.

Both Kurt and Kissarne will soon begin their HYPOXI journey – stay tuned for updates on their progress!