Supercharge your Workout – What is Hypoxi?

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Rebecca in Fast Weight Loss

It is important to make every workout count. Get the heart pumping, the sweat flowing and your muscles aching – a good workout can make the difference between increasing your energy and fitness and simply working off that one sugar-filled coffee you had for afternoon tea. You want to burn fat fast and in the right places and this can take a lot of work, but what if you could focus your workout and increase its effectiveness? With the training system, Hypoxi, you can.

Hypoxi is a training concept that targets fat in the areas everyone has trouble with. Areas like the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs are often the hardest spots to slim down and tone up for men and women. Hypoxi ‘s targeted fat loss works by alternating high and low pressure with exercise in one of Hypoxi’s workout machines. Created by sport scientist, Dr Robert Egger, Hypoxi combines advanced compression technology with exercise to kick start circulation in those areas where the fat just won’t budge.

There are a number of Hypoxi machines for different problem areas and levels of fitness. These include the S120, the L250, the Vacunaut and the HypoxiDermology. The first two products focus on your lower stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, while the Vacunaut focuses on your stomach and hips and the HypoxiDermology is good for cellulite treatment, thighs and puffy skin. Each machine also caters to different fitness levels and needs. Speaking to a health professional at a Hypoxi studio about this is the best way to find which machine suits you.

So, if you think Hypoxi is the answer for you, book a consultation with a registered therapist and supercharge your workout today! For more information, visit them online or call 1300 HYPOXI in Australia.