Your Six Pack shortcut

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Do you want to know the secret to fab abs?

Abs are having a serious moment, no if’s or but’s about it, and whether you want to tighten and tone them for summer or get them looking chiselled for that special event, a pair of fab looking abs is one fitness goal that most of us have in common. The reality is, that sometimes, no matter how many sit-ups you do or belly blasting diets you try, you just can’t seem to shape those abs of steel.

Cue HYPOXI Vacunaut, a unique technology based training method that really works when it comes to achieving targeted weight loss, fast!

Have you had enough of fad diets that promise to bust belly fat, and endless crunches and sit-ups that prove to be ineffective?

Does it mean that you can’t control where the fat comes off, that the spot reduction is simply impossible?..

We are here to tell you can burn CMs from where you want to burn CMs. How?

What’s Vacunaut 


HYPOXI Vacunaut innovative system is a unique training method. It’s specially designed for those who have excess stomach fat that they would like to get rid of.
It is one of the most popular treatments in the world when it comes to fast targeted weight loss.
The central feature of the Vacunaut is the complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers which get to work on those stubborn areas of your midsection while you exercise.
No more than a brisk walk, the Vacunaut will get to work on your tummy and love handles.

HYPOXI uses technology-based gentle compression and vacuum technology to stimulate the metabolic process by
encouraging blood circulation to the stubborn areas, enabling your body to burn those fat stores.

Losing beer belly or just those last stubborn CMs your abs are hiding behind can be very difficult for some men, but the process is much faster with the Vacunaut.

Is Vacunaut right for me? 

Your abs won’t show if they are hidden under a layer or layers of fat. While you’re building up those abdominal muscles, you also need to burn ab fat at the same time. Not an easy task!
Time to try something different?

If you want to make sure that you are not wasting money on fast weight loss products then you should definitely try HYPOXI.This advanced technology method successfully gets rid of those last CMs of fat around your abdomen.

Genetics dictate the parts of our body where our circulation is at its weakest. Men tend to have poor
circulation around the stomach.
The body cannot metabolise fat efficiently in those areas where the circulation is poor. That’s why many people find
it difficult to lose weight from those problem areas doing traditional exercise.


Your training session is the easiest workout you’ll ever do.
You’ll get zipped into the right size of the Vacunaut suit. You’d be wearing it while power walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes.
The Vacunaut suit is a neoprene wetsuit customised with a network of 122 integrated pressure chambers around your midsection. Connected by air tubes to the Vacunaut machine, these pockets receive alternating negative and positive air pressure to help target stubborn areas (your stomach).

Real People, Real Results 


Hello, abs of steel!

Jamie achieved these amazing results by doing Vacunaut training at HYPOXI Studio Cottesloe.

You can’t help but notice that there are a lot of different systems out there. We understand that finding one that works for you is very important, therefore we are offering everyone a FREE no-obligation Intro session.

Claim yours online today!