Rosa Leona

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Rosa Leona is relatively new on the fitness scene but that doesn’t mean this sports and fitness coach hasn’t already made a big splash within the highly competitive industry! We spoke to the Swedish beauty about why she feels at home in the world of competitions and why she loves HYPOXI!

Firstly, a huge congratulations for coming first place in the prestigious INBA National Championship in the Australian Natural Bikini sector! Can you tell us about body building?

Body building is about reaching your ultimate physique and celebrating the journey by competing and showing what you have worked hard to get. It takes time to get in shape, and the more you condition your body, the better it gets. That’s why body building will never get boring, because if you keep working hard you will only improve. To prepare for a competition you need to loose body fat and gain muscle. You will need to train all your body parts equally to form symmetry. This requires constant weight training, cardiovascular training and appropriate dieting.


How do you prepare before a competition?

I do weight training 5-6 days/week to build muscle and get my body in shape, as well as I do cardio 4-6 times/week to shred fat and condition my body. I also need to follow a strict diet that excludes additional fat, sugar and salt but is rich in variety of protein and carbohydrates such as fish, chicken, turkey, egg, rice and lots of vegetables.

What made you want to join the world of competitive body sculpting?

I’m an adventurous person that always seeks new challenges and projects to get involved in. I was at a stage where I felt like I needed a change and my samba teacher and good friend Cristina Ramon (Ms World Fitness Champion) saw my potential to join the bikini modelling world. She introduced me to the whole fitness industry and coached me to become the INBA Bikini Model Champion. I know now that my future is in fitness!


How has it changed your life?

I have now realized that it is within fitness I want to delegate my future.

How does HYPOXI fit in with your diet and exercise regimes?

Sometimes I do HYPOXI after breakfast when I have had oatmeal to start the day. After the session I enjoy a carb free chicken/tuna salad. After 4-6 hours after HYPOXI session I go to the gym and do my normal weight and cardio regime and finish the day off with a good sleep.

Other days I finish my gym training and do HYPOXI afterwards towards the end of the day when I only have one small meal left on the diet.

Do you believe HYPOXI helped to give you that extra push in the lead up to the Championships?

After many weeks of training and dieting, it actually gave me more motivation to stick to my diet since I was doing the HYPOXI sessions too. I was so excited to see new results adding this method in to my dedication of getting in the best shape of my life.

 Why was HYPOXI important to your regime in the lead up to the competition?

It helped me fine tune my  physique. I need my body to recover quickly because I train so much and HYPOXI made my comp prep smoother by assisting in my recovery.

When did you begin to notice any changes to your body?

After two weeks I had already done 5-6 treatments, and although I stayed at the same weight I had lost 2cm around my waist.

Which studio did you attend your sessions at?

I went to the HYPOXI Studio at Goodlife Health Club Martin Place in Sydney. It’s hugely convenient for me and the staff were very friendly!

What machine did you use?

I was using the S120 and spent 20 minutes in the HDC before each session.

When is your next big competition?

I’m going to compete at the INBA Natural Olympia in Las Vegas (14th of November 2015). Before that I’m going to participate at the Pro Qualifier (Homebush 4th October 2015) to compete for my PRO Card and ticket to Las Vegas.

Will you use HYPOXI as part of your regime as you did the INBA National Championship?

Yes! This is the best thing for me as I’m 100% natural athlete and I don’t use any types of performance enhancers, fat burners, pre-workouts, amino acids, diuretics or other supplements other than vitamins, minerals and fish oil. I have reached my physique with training, lots of healthy food, HYPOXI, and massage.

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