Rita's HYPOXI Journey

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Rebecca in Interview

“I have been a big girl all my life.  Working in an office all my life probably hasn’t helped, along with a mildly underactive thyroid, and a fondness for my mum’s European cuisine, I thought I was destined to a life of size 22 jeans!

I’ve had some good years where I lost a lot of weight, kept it off for a few months but then it always crawled back on. Over the years I have tried every diet imaginable, and I have paid good money to shift the weight – but nothing has been long lasting. That was until I discovered HYPOXI.

In early 2014 I received some medical news that was to be the catalyst for my decision to set some long lasting weight loss goals.

I went to see a reputable dietician. This lovely professional helped me set some serious weight loss goals. Was it hard?? Oh yes, but nothing long lasting ever comes easy – right?! Following the meal plan and keeping away from as many social functions as I could avoid, I managed to lose 20 kgs!  But then I plateaued and gee… I was depressed.  As much as tried I could not get the weight to shift again, so I thought, OK, I need to do some form of exercise.

For those who know me, would agree with me, when I say that I’m not really the most ‘active’ person on the planet.  I have never graced the insides of a gymnasium, I had never thought of paying a person to make me run around a park at some ungodly hour and frankly the only time you will see me running is if someone is chasing me!!

So I went online and did some research, trying to find some type of “easy going” exercise regime, and I came across HYPOXI. I read the testimonials, read some more articles and thought, “Hmmm a FREE trial at my local HYPOXI Studio. Let’s give it a go”.

And so, after my first visit, I was hooked!  It was so easy to do the sessions.  And best of all the weight began to shift, the cms started to melt away.  After nearly 3 months and 32 sessions and following all the recommendations from my dietician, I lost an additional 15kg and over 40cm.

Since my initial weight loss journey began, I have now lost 46kg, and dropped 5 dress sizes . All as a result of my healthy eating plan devised by a professional Dietitian and regular, committed HYPOXI sessions.


But my story does not end here. I believe in HYPOXI so much that in late 2014, I made the decision to open my own HYPOXI studio.  In addition I am now training as a Food Coach where I can add more value to my clients’ weight loss program.

I really love how HYPOXI has assisted me and I know that it has the potential to help anyone who is really serious about weight management. HYPOXI is a natural, gentle, yet highly effective form of targeted fat loss. It is suitable for a variety of people – those like me, those who do not enjoy traditional forms of exercise, those whose exercise capability is limited due to injury, or regular exercisers who are looking for targeted results in their real stubborn areas.”

Rita will open her HYPOXI studio in early May in Earlwood, NSW.

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