Recipe of the Month

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Rebecca in Recipes

On the topic of Smoothies, here is my favorite ‘green monster’, which I make sporadically, when I am inspired enough to chop the requisite ingredients (and clean up afterwards). While there are numerous benefits from drinking green smoothies, I like them for offering me a nutritional powerhouse in one sweet sip! I also know I am getting a hefty dose of greens and added fibre for exceptional digestive support.

My only advice is to ‘chew’ your smoothie with thought. Chewing your smoothie, and taking your time to ‘drink’ it will activate your digestive enzymes to ensure your stomach doesn’t bloat.

And despite the scary green appearance – I can assure you that with the addition of a small portion of fruit, those concerns will be swiftly swept away.

My little tip?

If you are stuck for time, like me. Make a BIG batch of green smoothie and freeze the smoothies into portions or even Popsicle moulds. Then you can pop one in your bag ready to defrost by lunch OR enjoy a mineral rich icy pole!


1 stalk of silverbeet or a LARGE handful of washed spinach

2 leaves of Cos lettuce or a cucumber

1 frozen banana or ½ frozen mango

Coconut water

1 tsp spirulina


1. Add green leaves to the blender and cover with coconut water. Blend until smooth.

2. Add frozen fruit and spirulina and blend some more!

3. Serve ice cold or decant into ice pole moulds and freeze until the need hits!

Image source: Linda Wagner