Recipe of the Month: Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Posted on March 28, 2012 by Rebecca in Recipes

Just because you have a delicate belly doesn’t mean you have to live a life of rice cakes and hummus (although that doesn’t sound too bad). Here is a treat for those with sensitive bellies or just tired of the old wheat-laden baked goods. Sweetened with honey, (feel free to add chocolate) it’s just a little more saintly which is perfect for a holy holiday.


1 egg (please buy the most ethical one you can afford)
275ml warm milk of choice (almond, whole milk, rice etc)
50g butter or coconut oil, melted
350g plain gluten free flour ( I use a mixture of half almond meal half potato starch – otherwise just buy the pre-packaged stuff from the supermarket)
1 tbsp xantham gum
2 tsp mixed spice (use what you have, I only had cinnamon and cloves at home so just added a dash of each)
3 Heaped Tablespoons of Honey
1 sachet dried yeast
100g mixed fruit or dark chocolate! (I used craisins and chocolate as they looked the prettiest!)


Mix together all of the dried ingredients. Add the egg, melted butter/oil and gradually add the milk. Mix until the dough is smooth, but it still sticky (wear gloves if you are pedantic like me!).

Tip out onto an oiled work surface, and using well oiled hands shape into about 12 buns.

Place well apart on an oiled baking tray.

Cover with oiled cling wrap and leave to rise, until doubled in size.

To make the crosses, make a soft paste out of a couple of tablespoons of gluten free flour, a tablespoon of plain oil, and water. Put into a piping bag with a plain tube, and pipe a cross on each bun (otherwise add decorative splodges to each bun and forgo the religious significance of the bun… I did).

Bake at 200C for about 25 minutes until golden and cooked.

Note: these don’t have gluten, hence you won’t get that spongy doughy texture so reminiscent of store bought, gluten filled bread.  These are denser, slightly crumby – but to ensure you sell them effectively to discerning guests – tell them you baked them- with love and they are rustic. After all- they are delicious!