Our Top 5 Pre-Holiday Beauty Rituals

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Rebecca in Holiday Destinations
Lady Relaxing on Hammock

It’s safe to say you are probably prepping for a summer getaway at some stage over the coming months and if there is a skill that’s hard to master when it comes to travel, it is staying chilled-out in the days leading up to a big trip! To assist you and prevent you from becoming a “stress head”, here is the HYPOXI ‘Smart Girl’s Guide’ to pre-holiday beauty rituals that will ease the experience and have you feeling like a goddess.

1. Start scrubbing

We recommend you do two exfoliations as part of your pre-holiday beauty ritual, especially if you are planning on getting a tan done before your holiday. Exfoliating rids the skin of dead skin cells and will assist you in having a better result from your tan, or a better result from your efforts on the sun lounger – or both! Go for an exfoliator with moisturising properties so it doesn’t leave you with dry skin!

2. Fake it

Experiment with fake tan now and you will find one that gives you a good colour – and which you are confident at applying during your pre-holiday beauty rituals prep! There is nothing worse than a streaky tan when you are in your bikini! What’s more if you are already glowing, you will be less tempted to bake in the sun for hours on end which is the quickest way to age your skin! However, if you still want to get a real tan make sure you invest in a sunscreen with a high SPF to stay sun safe.

3. Healthy hair

You might think you can economise by leaving this until after you return from your holidays, but get your hair in good shape and condition before you go away and you’ll be doing yourself a favour. It is the perfect opportunity to have any damaged or split ends cut-off before exposure to the sun and sea or chlorinated water. Have a glossing colour treatment, too, to protect and preserve your colour, and give it a healthy sheen. You’ll feel like a million dollars before you even step foot on the plane!

4. Make-up

Do you struggle with what to take? What better than to refer to our beauty guru, Zoe Foster Blake for her ultimate guide to what to pack in your beauty sack?

5. Transform your tootsies

If you’re intending to go barefoot or spend time round the pool, have a pedicure for the complete look. You’ll look fabulous and sophisticated for the duration of your trip.Invest in an excellent pedicure: if your toe nails are painted correctly they should last up to 4 weeks (yes, really!), but for polish that definitely won’t budge, opt for Shellac.

Pre-holiday beauty rituals success!

By following our guide your holiday is sure to be a beauty success with no unexpected hiccups along the way! Your tan will last, your hair will thank you and you’ll feel great all holiday long!