Posted on September 26, 2013 by Rebecca in Uncategorized

We at HYPOXI Australia recently got into the Instagram game with our own account and we were amazed by how much inspiration we are able to take from our friends in fitness, nutrition and wellness. We’ve “filtered” out some of our favourite accounts that illustrate values we aspire to and admire, or are simply just colourful, quirky and plain addictive. With the news that apple has released the Iphone 5s we’re certain Instagram’s continuous stream of eye-candy is set to ‘rise’ in popularity so we challenge you to get it app-ning and check out some of our favourites below:


What better way to start than right on our own doorstep? Like our unique approach to body-shaping, our Instagram is a well- fed feed of inspiration! We mix it up with goodness in the form of healthy recipe ideas, motivational quotes and throw in the occasional sneak-peak behind the scenes in HYPOXI HQ.


Exactly what it describes! MotivationWall provides the motivation to get you started or just keep you going. We love its upbeat daily posts on balanced meal ideas, thoughtful quotes and simple tips to keep you healthy and happy.


This sport, active and leisure wear brand caught our eye with their powerfully pink Instagram account. Unashamedly girly, we can’t help but fall in love with their posts of new collection pieces in every colours of the rainbow. A new workout wardrobe is just the perfect incentive to get moving!


Greatist is a crafty little source designed to make health and fitness easier. Delivering easy to digest tokens of advice in this arena, they maintain that all of their posts are “expert approved” and are meticulously designed to better improve their followers’ fitness, health, and happiness.