Interview with Miss World Contestant – Tasha Ross

Posted on November 10, 2016 by Rebecca in Fast Weight Loss, General Health, Get Rid of Cellulite, Interview
HYPOXI Australia

If you dont already know, HYPOXI are the very proud sponsor of MISS WORLD AUSTRALIA (MWA) where all the contestants are undertaking HYPOXI in preparation for the finals.

We talk to one of our favourite contestants, Tasha Ross, about herself, preparing for MWA and of course HYPOXI!

-What do you do in preparation for MWA Finals?

TR: Keeping hydrated is incredibly important especially for an onstage performance with harsh lighting. You can really tell if someone is dehydrated on stage so I try my best to keep up my fluid intake everyday. A good skincare routine is also very important, not just what products you use but more so what you’re eating. What you consume makes a big difference to what your skin looks like.

-What’s would a day on a plate look like for you?

TR: My meals are usually like an upside down triangle everyday. I eat 5-6 meals a day with bigger meals in the morning and slowly cutting it down as the day goes on. My type of meals are very much like a paleo lifestyle.

-How did HYPOXI help you shape your body?

TR: I could never shake the weight off my love handles no matter how hard I tried. Even after only a couple of HYPOXI sessions I noticed a difference. My stomach felt so flat! I was very impressed and still am haha.

-Would you recommend HYPOXI to a friend?

TR: I would highly recommend HYPOXI, and I already have to several of my friends!

-How do you prepare your skin for the finals?

TR: Along with a good diet, exfoliating my entire body to get that glow on stage is very important. I also was preparing my skin with LED treatments which are incredible! Using HYPOXI-Dermology body suit is amazing. It helped even out my skin tone and also removed the cellulite from around the back of my legs!

-Are you a L250 or S120 girl?

TR: S120 all the way! I love being able to sit up and complete all my emails whilst working out. It’s an incredible workout on my body and I’m able to get my work done at the same time.

-Describe HYPOXI with three adjectives

TR: Energetic, confident and healthy

Watch her experience with HYPOXI in the video below!