Posted on July 29, 2013 by Rebecca in Fast Weight Loss, General Health

HYPOXI Member of the Month: Siobhan White

In our new section of the HYPOXI Emag we are celebrating YOU, our wonderful customers and our greatest source of inspiration! And what better way to start than with one of our own gorgeous studio owners, Siobhan White.

Siobhan came across HYPOXI after putting on a fair bit of weight during her pregnancy. After feeling down about how much her body had changed, she was determined to shed the baby weight in prep for her upcoming wedding. Needing instant and fast results she decided to give HYPOXI a go. Over 10 weeks of using the L250, Siobhan lost an incredible 10kgs and a total of 68cms. It totally firmed , toned and shed her fatty bits from the waist down, her baby belly disappeared! The quick result  meant that she didn’t have to spend too much time away from Max, her little boy.  It helped her regain her confidence and self esteem. Feeling impressed with the results,  Siobhan fell in LOVE with HYPOXI; the results came quick and provided her with a feeling of success and achievement.  These results inspired Siobhan to open HYPOXI Body Boutique Bulimba, with the sole aim of helping others to find happiness in getting the shape and body they dream of. Two years on, Siobhan is still maintaining her weight loss, and is now coaching others  to do the same!

If you wish to share your inspiring HYPOXI journey- please get in touch with your local studio manager and they can tell you how.