Posted on May 29, 2014 by Rebecca in Member of the Month

Full name: Renee Rose

Age: 32

Starting weight: 75.3 kg

Current weight: 73.2

This month, we look to Renee Rose who has just completed six S120 sessions at Hypoxi Studio Cronulla. We decided to put the spotlight on Renee this month as she is the perfect example of someone who has seen visible results in a very short period of time and she has noticed a real difference after trialling Hypoxi. Renee is committed to the Hypoxi programme and will complete her course of Hypoxi to improve her results. She is off to a really good start and is extremely motivated to continue based on her 6th session measurements.

How did you hear about HYPOXI and what made you decide to come on board?

Hypoxi Studio Cronulla had a competition for Mother’s Day on social media.

What was the point when you realised that you wanted to start this weight-loss journey?

I started at the gym 8 weeks ago, lost some weight (post-baby) and then the weight wouldn’t shift after a few weeks. I then saw the Hypoxi Studio Cronulla competition and decided to enter; I won and felt motivated give it a try.

How much have you lost and what’s your goal?

In 6 Hypoxi sessions, I’ve lost 2.1kg. I haven’t altered my nutrition other than cutting carbs after sessions and I haven’t participated in any other forms of exercise since starting Hypoxi. So I am pleased with a result in just 6 sessions without really trying too hard. It’s really motivated me to now follow the Nutrition guidelines, follow Giulia’s advice on the program and exercise on the non-Hypoxi days, so that I can achieve a much better result.

What have your friends/families comments been on your amazing weight loss?

My husband has noticed that my tummy area is more toned in a short amount of time. I’m looking forward to seeing further results during my full course of Hypoxi.

How have you noticed that your weight loss has affected your life/attitude/life aspirations?

I feel positive about my body, happier in my own skin. I also have more energy, which is great because I have two young children, ages 2 years and 9 months.

What do you like about HYPOXI and would you recommend it to your friends?

The sessions are only 30 minutes and it’s easy! The sessions go really quickly. I have already recommended several friends. I also have post- natal friends who can’t shift their baby weight, so I have referred them to Hypoxi Studio Cronulla for sessions.

In the moments when you feel unmotivated, what do you do/think about to help you stay on track?

I won the sessions, so it motivated me to use them and not let them go to waste. The sessions were booked in advance, and measurements were taken, so it made me accountable.

Is there a piece of clothing you aspire to wear/a trip to do/learn a new sport/talent now that you have lost this weight?

I’d love to be confident in my bikini this summer.

What is your biggest tip to other fellow HYPOXETTES who want to lose the weight?

Drink lots of water, follow the Nutrition guidelines and book your sessions!