Posted on April 30, 2014 by Rebecca in Member of the Month

HYPOXI Member of the Month: Jackie Purslow.

Jackie came to Hypoxi Studio Albury as a size 18 just wanting to drop just one size! She is now a svelte size 12 and her new clothes are now starting to be too big on her- she’ll be a 10 before we know it. So far, Jackie has lost 17.4kg and 61.5cm in just 28 sessions. Jackie’s transformation has been amazing in looks, confidence and personality; she admits that she has found her ‘real self & confidence again’.

The best part of Jackie’s success story is the amazing laughs she shared with her local studio throughout her journey: Jackie’s mum telling her to go shopping because her clothes looked like a ‘sack of potatoes’; but Jackie was determined to hold off shopping until she got her size down further. In the end she was forced to shop: she put her mobile phone in one pocket and her keys in the other and her shorts actually fell off! More recently, Jackie told the story of her daughters recent 18th birthday party where she out-danced some of the 18 year old guys and felt great!

We are super impressed by Jackie’s motivation and setting herself new goals along the way: her aim is to get to under 70kg- ideally 68kg, as this is the weight she was when she got married in 1987. Jackie has moved into the maintenance package and now she bounces in the studio door bragging about how loose her current shorts are each time she visits for her sessions! We are so excited, happy and extremely proud of her.