Posted on September 26, 2013 by Rebecca in Member of the Month

HYPOXI Member of the Month: Gemma  Briggs

Gemma, who has just completed 20 sessions at the CBD studio in Perth, is proof that sticking to a HYPOXI routine brings results in a relatively short space of time. 30 year old Gemma was looking for a way to shape- up. Having a busy lifestyle, she wanted to do something that slotted easily into her schedule, she had heard good things about HYPOXI and decided to give it a go!  Signing up for some sessions at the CBD studio during her lunch-break gave her the boost that she needed. She adopted a healthier eating plan, upping her protein intake and drinking more water to stay hydrated. The biggest difference she noticed was that since starting her sessions, she saw improvements in her skin, her cellulite reduced and she also found her headaches disappeared. Not only this, but she also noticed  a better state of mind post-sessions, she says:  “I find that after my Hypoxi session I’m in a good mood as I know I’ve done my 30 minutes of exercise and then I’m done for the day, you’re not even meant to exercise on the same day as your Hypoxi so it’s great!  I make sure I drink lots of water, I don’t eat carbohydrates for 4-6 hours afterwards and that’s it! Easy!” After 20 sessions, she has lost an incredible 34cms and dropped almost 5kgs in weight and now is looking forward to putting on a bikini next week on a trip to Bali.