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Name: Jodi Elkins

Studio: Hypoxi Body Boutique Bulimba

Why did you commence Hypoxi and what were your initial thoughts?

Initially when I first heard of Hypoxi, I was sceptical. How could something work so well, with such little effort? I had been attending boot camp for 6 months in the lead up to my wedding. I was training 4-5 times a week!! I have a poor immune system, so boot camp wasn’t really the best thing for me as I kept getting sick from pushing myself so hard. I thought it was the only way to look fit and fabulous!

What were you hoping to achieve?

I was a month out from my wedding and I still had that muffin top! My dress was backless; I just knew I couldn’t have that fat popping its ugly head out of my dress. I decided it was time to give Hypoxi Bulimba a call and went in for my free trial. I couldn’t believe how skinny I felt after just one session. I immediately booked my 12 sessions.

What results did you see?

In just 6 sessions I’d lost 17cm from my waist down. I was excited to say the least. At last I had found something that worked and had little stress on my body. 3 x half hour sessions a week is all it took. That’s when I saw the girls from boot camp; they were all amazed at how much smaller I looked!

What would you tell your friends about Hypoxi?

Don’t second guess Hypoxi like I did. Get in there and give it a go. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made when it comes to exercise.