Budgy Smuggler Man of the Month

Posted on March 28, 2012 by Rebecca in Man of the Month

Ladies ladies – may I introduce to you….. Our latest initiative (we’ll get to the man in a minute).

As part of our desire to provide our beloved readers with relevant, newsworthy information, we have decided to team up with Budgy Smuggler and present to you the latest offerings from their collection of well groomed, suitably sexy Aussie men.

The only condition on our behalf? They HAD to be single.

Contrary to Hypoxi’s Search for Australia‘s Healthiest Couple, we are adamant that there are no plus ones in site. So what are you waiting for, introduce yourself, click on the links below and get suitably acquainted!

Budgy Smuggler Man of the Month

Name: Andrew Maciver

Age: 30

Profession: Entrepreneur/model/actor/presenter

What you do to stay in shape: The beach is my gym, also touch footy, swimming and yoga

What is your guilty pleasure: Custard pastries

Who inspires you: Richard Branson – bold both with his money and his adventures.

‘Favorite Budgy Smuggler Moment’ – Establishing a world record in Budgy Smugglers – world’s largest swimwear parade – on the Opera house steps and raising awareness for AIME.