Posted on March 28, 2013 by Rebecca in Man of the Month

Name: Tommy Hill

Age: 23

Profession: I play rugby and work Part Time as an Insolvency Accountant. So half the week I spend doing Business Activity Statements and the other half doing bench and ‘3 on 2s’.

To stay in shape: At the moment I’m in pre-season for footy which entails lots of weights and plenty of running. Outside rugby I love getting in the water so good run/swim at the beach is perfect.

Name your poison/Kryptonite: Too many! I can’t say no to a chicken parmagiana and an icy cold carlton. Red rock deli tend to ruin my roadtrips with their wondrous delights and a chocolate covered royal Copenhagen ice-cream is a little bit of heaven.

What is your Spirit Animal: A Giraffe. I’m awkwardly tall.

What Makes Life Beautiful: For me the beauty lays in not knowing what’s around the corner. Life is full of endless possibilities and relationships with people from all walks of life. I just try to make the most of every opportunity. “Don’t ride the wave to the shore, ride it all the way to the f*ing car park”.