HYPOXI-Coach Day On a Plate

Posted on March 28, 2017 by Rebecca in Lifestyle, Nutrition, Personal Trainers


If there’s one person at HYPOXI Australia whose eating and exercise habits we are all envious of, it’s our HYPOXI-Coach, Katie. She has worked and trained at HYPOXI Chippendale for a year and has a Degree in Nutrition. It was only logical to ask her exactly what her diet consists of.


I generally prepare and pack my food the night before during the work week.


Lately I’ve been soaking 1/3 cup of oats in coconut kefir water overnight along with seasonal fruit (or I always have a stash of frozen blueberries on standby if I’m out of fresh fruit)
The usual suspects I add to that in the morning are – crushed linseeds, tahini, coconut, pepitas, nuts (walnut, almonds or Brazil). 
Green tea.
This keeps all pistons firing until lunch.


Lunch varies. Sundays I do a cook off that I stagger throughout the week and add a salad onto it. For example, one of the things I always have is a frittata made – no two are ever the same. Anything can go into it from sweet potato to spinach to mushrooms, to zucchini to broccoli stalks. Whatever I can find in my veggie draw in the fridge, lightly sautéd and beaten eggs poured over the top.


I don’t generally snack, but if I find I need something, I’ve found a cup of Bone Broth will tie me over. I have a jar of a dehydrated one that I keep in the fridge at work. I just add a couple of scoops to boiled water and sip away.
If I want something sweeter, I opt for a scoop of protein powder (lately I’m using Sunwarrior – chocolate flavour) in coconut water – shake and go!



My dinner is very similar to lunch. Protein and veg.Tonight is fish from the markets cooked with celery, garlic and tamari served on a bed of brown rice & veg stir fry. (Yay to carbs after morning HYPOXI session)