Posted on December 29, 2014 by Rebecca in Nutrition

Just finished a HYPOXI session? For you to get the best results, we want you to make sure you are managing your nutrition correctly! Here are our top tips for a balanced nutrition.

1. Eat varied meals containing high quality nutrients.

2. Remember to keep meals low in calories, avoiding sugar, animal fats and excessive salt.

3. Vegetables and/or salad should be included in all meals. Integrate fruit at breakfast and lunch.

4. Use high quality oil in food preparation.

5. Choose low GI foods as they are generally more filling, and they help to control hunger as well as blood sugar levels.

6. If possible, avoid white flour products and high fat dairy products. Also avoid soft drinks and confectionary, as they contain high levels of sugar.

7. Remember to drink a sufficient daily intake of water- 2 litres of water everyday!

8. To keep your metabolism high, on non-training days your calorie intake should be slightly higher than on training days.