Posted on May 30, 2013 by Rebecca in Nutrition, Recipes


This is not your average, run of the mill watery smoothie that reeks of weight loss and tastes like cardboard. No no.

Us Hypoxi girls are all for sustained dietary habits that stand the test of time above and beyond dieting days. Which, mind you, are few and far between with Hypoxi in your training regime.

We agree – this smoothie does seem like it should be an after dinner treat but rest assured chocolate indulgence, need not be a sinful slip-up.

As the months get cooler, our workload doesn’t get any easier, which means sometimes a hydrating smoothie is all that a working girl has time for. Creamy, indulgent, with a sneaky tasteless vegetable to help you hit your 5 servings – this smoothie keeps your protein levels in check, adds a good dose of vitamin A and finishes your appetite with  almonds and oats to keep you revved well until lunch!

Get blending girl!


1 cup spinach, frozen (or 2 cups fresh)
1 cup almond milk
2 scoops chocolate protein powder
¼ cup rolled oats
⅛ teaspoon peppermint extract


Add your ingredients into a blender and process until smooth. Pour into a re-usable bottle, whack it in your handbag and your breakfast is set to go.

Think you don’t have time to clean the blender? Remove it from its base; add some water and detergent. Whizz on medium, and then pour out the dirty water and leave to dry. Too easy!