Posted on February 27, 2014 by Rebecca in Life

Here are HYPOXI’s best tips on how to boost your confidence…

1. Accept compliments

Practice smiling and saying, “Thank you,” the next time you receive a compliment. It’s a bigger deal than you might think. When you accept compliments, you take ownership of the compliment, which means you’re saying – even silently – I am worthy of this compliment!

2. Stand up straight and crack a smile

Research shows that good posture makes us believe in and feel better about ourselves. Just by pulling your shoulders back and turning your lips up a bit you feel powerful and like you’re proud of your body and who you are.

3. Dress up, as much as possible

We all have those days where we don’t feel our best, but you can overcome this by putting on an awesome dress, heels, and jewellery. We all have our favourite LBD that we can rely on as an instant confidence booster! Know what works for you and make the most of it!

4. Do an act of kindness

Give away money, buy a stranger coffee, hold the door for a group of people. When you do something nice for someone else, you feel good about yourself and fall more in love with who you are.

5. Put on a bold lipstick

This immediately makes you feel like you own your beauty. It’s scary, but incredibly empowering- try a new colour or go for a brighter shade than normal.  You have no excuse with this one as you can get a brand new lipstick, for the bold new you, for FREE- just by entering our comp!!! Get yours now: