Posted on January 31, 2013 by Rebecca in Life

Look at any bestseller book list and there is always at least one, more often two, self help/path to eternal happiness books.

To be honest – I have dabbled in a few of them myself but I actually find them depressing.

This isn’t to say these books are bad, rather that the advice they give is so stupidly simply that it leaves me a little deflated.
“You’re telling me to take each day as it comes?”

I know that!

I just don’t do it as such.

This is why I made the effort to finally write down just what makes me happy each day, on a moment to moment basis.

And let me tell you, happiness isn’t as elusive as people make it out to be.

According to my list of happy approved things, reaching happiness on a daily basis, didn’t involve an haute couture wardrobe, an executive car or thighs the size of my forearms.

Rather, my happiness lay in life’s little pleasures.

More to the point, my inner banker realised that I could quite easily be happy on less than $5 a day (minus the need for accommodation)


Take for example:

  •  $3 for the perfect morning coffee (a skinny latte, not too strong) brewed and handed to me by the smiley barista down the road = 5 minutes of bliss followed by a caffeine high of an hour or so.
  • My bosses baby cocker spaniel. The sheer site of said puppy leaves me in a daze for a good hour, if not more if she decides to hand me a stick she has found. As an aside this happiness is free.
  •  A good chat with an honest friend. These can last anything up to 2 hours and is FREE
  • The rare occasion I wake up with flawless hair = an amazing 12 hours (although these are few and far between).
  • The moment I see my boyfriend as he comes in the door home from work. He really has a nice smile.
  • Rediscovering a dress that I thought was past its prime (although (subjectively at least) I think it is still in vogue).
  • Rediscovering the friendliness of strangers which usually equates to a 5 minute chat in the supermarket cue as we lament over the price of bananas.
  • Receiving a hand written note. This usually takes me a minute to read, but the initial surprise which lasts a few seconds is hard to come by nowadays.
  • Cold showers on a hot day. These can leave me invigorated for a good ½ hour.

…of course these ‘things’ are all exclusive to me, but I am sure most of your lists would look similar. Also worthy of note is that the above list has thus far cost me $3.

So while we are all frantically making grandiose New Year’s Resolutions, perhaps it is time to take stock, put away the ego and realise that you can create happiness every day and with frequency.

So tell us, what free things make you happy? The best answer will be rewarded with a HYPOXI prize pack! Just email [email protected] with your answer.