Help, I am Toxic!

Posted on July 26, 2012 by Rebecca in General Health

Toxic overload ain’t funny, nor is it something to scoff at.

Yes, most of us live in the city, so the concept of ‘purifying’ our daily experience and removing heavy metals is a little bit of an oxymoron. But that is no reason to allow heavy metals to accumulate in the body. Yes, our body needs trace elements of all minerals…But any in excess is bad news – particularly for women in child bearing years.

How are we exposed to Mercury?

Mercury is commonly accumulated through old dental amalgam fillings and large ocean fish. Oh and all those beautiful human landmarks like coal burning sites, power plants and waste disposal facilities.

Yes, your bestie, canned tuna, has just become a toxic relationship and you didn’t even know it.

While I wouldn’t let this stop you from eating fish altogether, I would simply change my tin of tuna to a delightful catch of salmon or sardines. These guys are much smaller and high in trace elements such as selenium, which should help prevent the mercury from assimilating in the first place.

As a rule of thumb,say no to shark, swordfish, tuna or anything that looks big. This is one of the few exceptions in life where smaller is better.

The Australian Departments of Sustainability and Environment (ADSE) indicates that the most dangerous form of mercury is methylmercury. This form of mercury attacks the immune system and damages the nervous system. According to the ADSE

“The nervous system is very sensitive to all forms of mercury. Methyl mercury and mercury metal vapours are especially harmful, because more mercury reaches the brain. Exposure to high levels of any types of mercury can permanently damage the brain, kidneys, and developing foetus. Effects on brain functions may result in irritability, shyness, tremors, and changes in vision or hearing and memory problems”

Scary stuff no?

HOW do I get RID of IT?

I am quite adamant about how silly detoxing is- if people with half a brain actually looked at how our body works – it is very well designed and instructed in the art of toxin removal, but with mercury, not so much.

Our body works like this with mercury –

Our thyroid extracts it and hands it over to our liver. Our liver sends it to our kidneys…and then this cycle continues. Sometimes for years.

The good news is that we can support our body’s ability to remove toxins through important minerals. The two best for removing toxins are:

  • Selenium &
  • Zinc

Note that these minerals are all readily available in protein, so I would suggest adding a whey protein shake into your mix of food. And if you don’t mind garlic (and your friends don’t mind either) eating WHOLE cloves daily will up your sulphur count which is fabulous for jettisoning that pesky mercury from your system.

Another wonderful practice is to build up a sweat through saunas or exercise.. Sweating is one of the best forms of removing toxins.

Stimulating your lymphatic system is another MUST. A cheap and cheerful way of increasing your circulatory system is with dry skin brushing. As the largest organ in the body it is also the largest eliminator. Stimulating your skin through dry skin brushing is a great way to increases its rate of elimination of toxic waste products. Or you can really detoxify and encourage that lymphatic system by giving Hypoxi’s HDC suit a go!

Finally make sure your gut is fully functioning. You need to be going to the bathroom daily if not twice daily. Mercury detoxing is all about removal, and I think you would agree, going to the bathroom is removal at its best!

Keep in mind that mercury removal takes time and patience. It definitely doesn’t happen a week after you start implementing these tools, so don’t get slack and start slipping on your dry skin brushing, garlic eating, selenium munching routine.