Healthy hAPPy You

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Rebecca in General Health, Life

Nothing makes us happier than pouring over countless apps, so we have compiled a list of the coolest and most useful apps to make sure you are healthy and hAPPy.

1.   Whole Foods Market Recipes

Ok ok, so we aren’t in America and don’t have Whole Foods, but we can still enjoy their free recipe catalogue! It is a great resource to download onto your phone, when you find yourself in the supermarket wanting to grab ingredients for your weeknight meals without a plan. What I love about this app is its ability to narrow down your search based on specific health criteria. Given the recent hype in ‘quitting sugar’, you will be pleased to know you can even narrow the recipe down to ‘sugar conscious’! And if you have a fridge full of half used veggies, and a random knob of cheese, just tap that in and let the app generate a recipe! A decision maker and food shopper in one!

2. Sleep on It

Wake up on time and with a proper nights rest with the free ‘Sleep on it’ app, an alarm clock as well as a few clever sensory features that monitor how the quality of your sleep will affect your health and mood. Great when you had a wonderful night’s sleep and it tells you how prepped you are for the day. Not so good when you have had a late night out, washed with a little too much alcohol and it lets you know of your pending doom.

3. Bodyfate

This is a great app to download when you are on holiday but still want to squeeze in a little exercise. In this workout/video game combination, you specify how fit you are, how long you can work out for and what equipment (if any) you have on hand. After tapping in a few numbers it will generate a series of exercises to follow along to. This is great for those who love to be motivated by an instructor.

4. DrinkTracker

Honesty is sometimes hard to find if you have had a few too many. You’re ok to drive home right? You’ve only had about two glasses of wine and maybe a sip of your girlfriend’s mojito. Not so fast. Plug in your age, weight and what you have been drinking and DrinkTracker will estimate your blood alcohol level.  This could save your life, your license and your humility.

5. Fooducate

The free Fooducate for iPhone app is (again) a little American centric but it still contains a wealth of information and user reviews about the foods we have readily available at the supermarket. Take your phone with you next time you grocery shop and discover the reality of what goes into your processed packet of two minute noodles.  Fooducate is not worried about calorie content as much as it is about whether the food is good for you on a whole. Fooducate lets you know what that ‘blue coloring’ does to your body as well as identify whether or not artificially enhanced ‘vitamin breads’ will actually benefit your body. A fabulous app that really lives up to its name.

6.     iTunes U:

The free iTunes U app for iPhone gives you unlimited course content from universities and schools across the world. These courses are free and even include mini assessments. iTunes U provide all course materials, including audio, books, video, documents and presentations. At the moment iTunes U has over 500,000 free resources ranging from Astronomy to Zoology. Me? I love my new found Spanish class ….and the lecturer who delivers it.