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While we are rarely in the market for a diamond ring, there comes a time when gaining at least an amateur understanding of diamond quality may just put us in good stead for the future. 😉

The main criteria when evaluating a diamond are all about the C words.

That is:





All of which play a vital role in determining the value of the stone.

Understandably, most women jump for the big diamond – BUT here are some simply dazzling definitions to cast a new brilliant light on what should determine your diamond purchase.

Bigger ain’t always better.

Cut – this does not refer to the shape. Rather diamond cuts are a way of describing how the stone is ‘faceted’. Master cutters know how to properly cut facets in the diamond in order to maximise its shine and sparkle. If the diamond cuts are too shallow or too deep, these all impact on the diamonds ‘glow’ factor. These different diamond cuts are then graded, from 1-10, with 1 representing the superior brilliant cut. Keep in mind that a less than ‘perfect’ cut still looks amazing. Beauty, as always, is in the eye of the beholder.


Colour- while most of us are only aware of a colorless diamond, diamonds actually come in shades of yellow, brown, pink, purple, black, blue and even a rare red – unfortunately there are no shades of grey. 😉  As a rule of thumb, the less colour the larger it’s perceived beauty and worth. Rest assured, when you purchase your diamond, good jewelers will have a set of Masterstones (diamonds covering the full colour spectrum). This will allow you to note subtle differences, and see if the colorless diamond is superior then its coloured counterpart.  Who knows, maybe you want your diamond a little pink?


Clarity – generally clarity refers to its ‘purity’ and whether or not it has any ‘inclusions’. There is no universal clarity system but the Australian Jewelry and Gemstone Industry Council has rankings from flawless to heavily blemished. Keep in mind that most inclusions/blemishes are naked to the eye and as stated before – you are the best judge as to what is flawless.


Carat – little wonder that most of us girls are familiar with carat – a term used to describe the ‘weight’ of the stone. The more carats, the larger the stone. But having a big diamond does not mean it is of more value. Indeed you could have a massive diamond that shoots shades of yellow and is heavily blemished. But hey – if you want a rock….

Consideration – my sneaky fifth ‘c’. Consider what you want in a diamond. Each element has its own role in determining the value of the stone, but the true beauty of a stone can only really be your own considered choice. So step away from the numbers and hoopla and have a hard look at what you love. After all – you’re the one wearing it till death do us part.