Posted on February 22, 2017 by Rebecca in Interview, Life, Lifestyle, Modern mums, Mums

Becoming a Mother is a fundamental change in a woman’s identity. Well it was for me. I quickly realised that ‘Mum’ was a huge part of my new identity – whether I was ready for it or not. Embracing my new identity, along with the responsibilities and emotions of motherhood was challenging. And I’m sure I’m not alone.


The fact is that 1 in 3 women will experience significant depressive symptoms in the first five years after giving birth. A 2015 study showed the lowest rate of depression in new Mums was 5.8% in women who made time for themselves once a week or more. And it rose to 15.2% in women who never made time for themselves.

I’ve come to realise, that we need to give ourselves permission to take some time, and focus on our own health, confidence and well-being. So it was important to me personally that we build a company culture that recognises the unique challenges of motherhood. We understand that the secret to being a great mother is sometimes looking after yourself first.


One of our key objectives is to “empower Mums to be their most awesome selves”. 


This is not about achieving perfection or wanting Mums to do more (there is already way too much pressure on us for that). We just want to provide easier ways for Mums to achieve what they want, and in the process hopefully find a little more balance, confidence and well-being.


And that’s why we refer to HYPOXI as The Modern Mum’s Exercise Hack. 


HYPOXI is a gentle, low-impact exercise technology with huge benefits for Mums. Our exercise machines use advanced compression technology whilst you work out, and they are proven to be up to 3x more effective at targeted fat loss than traditional exercise. But despite how effective it is, it’s also really gentle on your body – which is so important after you’ve given birth. HYPOXI is the perfect option for Mums looking to regain some pre-baby shape.

But more than this, our driving purpose is to help Mums feel more confident in their own skin. And despite the whole ‘exercising’ part, you can also spend the 30 minute sessions reading, socialising, catching up on emails or simply listening to music. That’s my kind of exercise, and it’s why I fell in love with it!

If you’re interested in a free trial (and some highly rewarding me-time), go to mumlifehack.com.au. And if you’ve got any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]


May your awesome self shine through,

Alexis x