Embrace Life Shortlist Announced!

Posted on March 19, 2015 by Rebecca in Uncategorized

The Embrace Life competition shortlist has arrived!

Over the past few weeks we have highlighted some of our favourite Embrace Life competition entries that have shown how HYPOXI can create REAL RESULTS and change the lives of REAL people!

Whether your voice of choice was through Facebook, Instagram or our website, we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered into the competition. As much as we wish we could hand out prizes to everyone, we have had to narrow down our shortlist to six fabulous women.

The HYPOXI Australia team chose these six entries as not only did they all lose weight, centimetres and cellulite with HYPOXI, they all got their confidence and self esteem back!



Due to an accident 3 years ago exercise isn’t easy, so my dress size went up and my self-esteem went down. 3 weeks with HYPOXI my clothes are fitting and my self-esteem is sooo much better. Thanks HYPOXI.

Mary Anne, 56, Townsville



This is me 12 sessions into HYPOXI. I am not only amazed at the results but for the first time in a very long time I can look in the mirror and LOVE what I see! I have never felt so confident about my figure and I owe it to the amazing staff at HYPOXI Body Boutique Mackay. I have so far lost a total of 27.9cm across my waist, stomach, bottom and thighs and LOVE that HYPOXI targets those stubborn areas. I cannot express how amazing this is. HYPOXI is an absolute game changer ladies! Now to tan that tummy and invest in some new pants!

Jenny, 31, Mackay



HYPOXI has changed my life. After having children and putting on so much weight I embarked on dieting and with the support of HYPOXI I was able to lose weight and feel great again. The staff were really friendly, helpful, encouraging and positive in my endeavor to lose weight.

Anna Smith, 33, Sandringham



I’ve never been a fan of excercise, and was always more or less overweight. After heading to my local HYPOXI studio twice a week, I’ve managed to gain energy, lost cellulite and a lot of extra weight. It takes less than an hour and is easily manageable on the side of my busy life. I wouldn’t trade HYPOXI for anything – I love it!

Lotta, 22, Surry Hills



I wanted a regular exercise system where I could take my baby, as I didn’t have family around to help. HYPOXI made me focus and reassess my health in a supportive environment.

Natalie, 36, Burleigh Heads



I started HYPOXI back in November 2014 and I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but trusted the HYPOXI team at Mascot and together they have helped me achieve some amazing results! I have trimmed over 33cm off my hips, thighs, bum and waist and I couldn’t be happier. HYPOXI is one of the easiest exercises I have done and it compliments my healthy lifestyle. 

Karen, 46, Mascot

 The winner of our major prize – a 12 MONTH HYPOXI MEMBERSHIP and a fabulous fashion and beauty makeover with Zoe Foster Blake worth $10,000 – will be announced on Friday 20 March!

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]