Club Med Kani, Maldives

Posted on March 28, 2012 by Rebecca in Holiday Destinations

With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and lush natural environment, the Maldives is a honeymoon mecca that actually lives up to its romantic ideal.

The phenomenal surroundings plays host to a wonderland of reefs filled with multi-coloured coral and fluorescent fish all of which can be relished close to the water’s surface. No need for the uninitiated to race for a scuba diving lesson, they can simply don a pair of snorkels (or just look down) to appreciate the full beauty of this island getaway.

It is apparent here too the importance the environment plays on the Maldivians life. The islands are encased by thousands of reefs that require its numerous inhabitants to feed on them for coral to re-grow, which in turn ensures the archipelago exists for the future generations. Locals live off the fish in the water for their families and they in turn, depend upon the beauty of the reef to sustain their unique tourism industry; an industry that thrives as one of the most magical places in earth. It isn’t hard to see why you would go to the Maldives at the drop of a hat. No researching is required, no ‘to-do’ lists from A-Z of the necessary cultural sites one should visit as a tourist. Rather, you MUST, sit back, embrace nature and relish the friendliness of the locals who quite frankly rival any other country for being the nation of smiles.

Hidden within the oasis of the Maldives is Kani, which has been described as “the last paradise on earth”. Amidst this paradise sits Club Med Kani Resort, with unique on-the-water lagoon suites that offer guests total privacy and luxury and are the ultimate romantic hideaway for honeymooning couples.

Nestled among the idyllic beauty of the Indian Ocean, Kani possesses a picture-perfect setting that is ideal for couples and newly-weds. The Resort is a treat for the senses, attractively designed and landscaped to merge the best of the surrounding natural beauty.

Guests at the exclusive Club Med Kani Resort are surrounded by the beauty of nature, exotic birds, sun, sand and glorious sea. A swimming pool with an amazing view of the lagoon beckons. The great underwater world offers the ultimate diving and snorkelling experiences. Complementing this amazing beauty is top-class international cuisine with a diverse range of culinary delights and a team of multi-cultural staff who are on hand to ensure everyone has a good time.

Club Med Maldives also hosts the pioneering 5T Luxury Space, designed specifically for couples who want that extra bit of exclusivity and personal service. As part of the 5T luxury experience, guests are privy to more luxury, intimacy and flexibility in a privately designed suite, sitting atop of the lagoon.

The Maldives Kani still hosts that wonderful Club Med Hospitality which makes for truly magical moments. A stranded island experience without sacrificing luxury? – you bet. To read up more about this luxurious location – visit Club Med Kani.