Budgy Smuggler Man of the Month

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Rebecca in Man of the Month

Name: James Goswell

Age: 24

Profession: Final year law school student / Part time triathlete

What do you do to stay in shape: Lots of swimming/cycling/running, ocean swimming, the odd ironman triathlon and drinking only regular size coffees.

Name your poison: Croissants and Dark Chocolate.

What’s your spirit animal and why: Probably a gazelle – they’re graceful, speedy, and they look out for each other in the wild. Haven’t you seen Bambi? They’re also really cute.

What makes life beautiful: Every day’s a new chance, learning from your old mistakes and trusting that everything works out as it’s meant to. And I also have to say the warmer months at uni when the girls break out the summer dresses. Hallelujah!