Budgy Smuggler Man of the Month

Posted on May 23, 2012 by Rebecca in Man of the Month

Research shows women love checking out a man getting physical which would explain why we’re a little giddy looking at images of Rupert. Another treat from Budgy Smuggler – clearly they know where all the good men have gone. Can I get an amen?


Name: Rupert Kaldor

Biological age: 26

Profession: Fashion Photographer / Manager at Ivy

Fitness: Surf Boat Rowing, Spin 5 days a week, weights 5 days a week

Guilty Pleasure: Women

Inspiration: My grandma. She’s well in to her 80’s, she walks everyday, goes to cocktail parties 2 nights a week, and holds the helm of a huge family. She’s a truly inspirational woman.