Best takeaway tips for when you can’t be bothered cooking

Posted on June 30, 2017 by Rebecca in General Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

With long days at work and  busy social calendars (for your OR your kids!), there are multiple reasons why a detour via the drive-through on the way home may look appealing.
However, before you take the plunge, have a think about what it might be doing to your waistline and what other healthier takeaway options you could choose.

Takeaway has come a long way since sweet and sour pork or fried fish and chips, with a number of healthy fast food chains and meal delivery services now available. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what to remember when ordering, as well as some of the new additions to the healthy takeaway landscape.


• 1

When ordering takeaway, remember these rules apply to most cuisines and takeaway joints such as Indian, Chinese, Thai, and that even places such as McDonalds have healthier options:

• 2

Choose grilled or steamed meats and vegetables, with tomato based sauces rather than cream

• 3

Avoid battered or fried foods – fish & chip shops have salad options too

• 4

Aim to have half your plate covered in veggies or salad, a quarter with a protein-rich source (such as meat or fish) and a quarter with high fibre addition, such as root vegetables or a high-fibre grain


• 5

Order salad instead of chips

• 6

When craving burgers, eat the patty with salad instead, avoid the bread and share the chips!

• 7

Ask for sauce, gravy and dressing on the side

• 8

Choose water instead of soft drinks or juice or alcohol

• 9

Think about the portion size of the meal and whether you would eat that much if it was a meal you had prepared yourself at home

• 10

If dishing out your meal at home, portion out your serve and put the rest away to remove temptation for second helpings

Given that more of us are reaching for the takeaway menus it is important to choose meals and snacks that are as nutritionally dense as possible. By actively searching for some of these preferred options, takeaway foods can be enjoyed at times as a part of a healthy, balanced diet.