Basic Beauty Tips Every Gal Should Know

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Rebecca in General Health

Anyone who considers themselves to be remotely beauty savvy, have their little tips ‘n’ tricks. But even the most well-versed veteran will find they can still learn a thing or two back at the basics bootcamp. Here at Hypoxi we love a beauty secret, and even though they aren’t secrets once we’re through with them, they are still definitely worth sharing.

We dare you to test your beauty knowledge with our top 10 tips and see if you learn anything new.

  1. Oil-based products are great for removing make up and cleansing the skin, even if you’re skin is on the greasy side. Over cleaning stimulates the sebum glands  and can lead to an oil spill to rival BP (well , not quite). But it can lead to a break out eruption. Oil-based products can discourage adding any more unnecessary grease.
  2. You should clean your skin twice at night, once to remove make up and the second time to cleanse the skin.
  3. Powder should be applied in a downward motion to smooth facials hairs.
  4. When your cheeks are flushed, it’s wiser to apply bold lipstick to upstage your warm glow. A neutral lippie will just make your blush stand out.
  5. Hydrating eye cream is a great substitute for treating cuticles when you find your stock of cuticle cream has been drained.
  6. You can remove nail polish but repainting them and immediately wiping it off with a cotton ball.
  7. Never put mascara on your lower lashes as it makes your under eyes appear darker.
  8. If you don’t have any primer on hand, you can keep eye shadow in place by applying foundation as a base
  9. After conditioning your hair, wash your hair out with cold water.  It will encourage shine and keep and seal the cuticles to keep your hair stronger.
  10. Microwave lotion for a few seconds during winter to help encourage absorption into your frosty limbs.

Image credit : Ben Borreson