Posted on January 31, 2013 by Rebecca in General Health, Nutrition
The Diet Trap

Perfectionism – it is a problem so many of us high achieving women face.

We want it all – the good job, the great car, the model husband and the hot body to prove it.

Perhaps the single most important factor I see at HYPOXI as to whether or not a client succeeds in diet adherence vs. those who don’t, is those who are too stubborn in their approach.

These women are truly ON A DIET – which is fine and in some cases admirable. But the problem that happens here is that one small slip, a cookie, a Mintie from the office lolly jar and they are now an absolute failure. And so the food binge begins.

What once was a well-intentioned packet of Tim Tams is now an empty demolition site.

And this is what really puts the fat on – and in some cases, more than what was had before.

Rigid dieting, where 100% compliance is demanded or you are ‘off diet’ inhaling food by the second, is a massive step towards failure.

Same can be said of those clients who miss a HYPOXI session. Diligent clients who never miss a workout fail to make one appointment and the next thing you know they feel there whole treatment is a failure.

The main message is clear – rigid dedication or demanding perfection is the best way to fail on your New Year weight loss resolution. It is going to work up until a point – the point where you fall over and abandon ship because you ‘failed’.

This is where the concept of 80/20 or 90/10 – whatever ratio works for you is supremely helpful.

It is how you choose to deal with that ‘20%’ that matters. If you are already eating at a slight deficit to your daily needs in your diet, then one or two cookies will actually not break your diet. You will just be eating at a maintenance level. This actually can be beneficial for your body. Particularly if you have been dieting – bringing your food intake back to ‘normal’ levels will stop your body thinking it is ‘starving’ and wanting to store fat.  It’s when you see those two biscuits as an alright fail and eat the remaining 8 – that you have kind of stuffed up.

Choosing to work ‘relaxed’ ‘off plan’ meals into your diet regime, will lessen the load on your resolute mentality, allow you to indulge in the bowl of ice-cream, slice of cake, Tim Tam or two- without going into dietary meltdown.

And this ladies – is where your diet succeeds.