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See how Toni shed centimetres, cellulite and kilograms in only 8 weeks!

When we launched our national 8 Week Transformation competition in mid-September 2020, we knew we would witness some incredible transformations. And we weren’t disappointed!

This year, nearly 500 people signed up to transform the way they felt by committing to HYPOXI sessions each week for the 8 weeks by following our nutritionist-approved meal plans, and by being part of our exclusive HYPOXI 8WT community. Over the 2 months, we supported everyone to achieve the goals they set themselves, so they could head into Summer feeling fabulous.


What Toni Won

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, this year we had 2 potential winners. The national winner would be from a HYPOXI studio that was open during the challenge, thus allowing them to complete their 3 x HYPOXI sessions each week. But we recognised our Victorian members also wanted to be part of the challenge despite their studios being closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. To make it fair, we offered a National prize and a Victorian prize.

National Prize

As the winner of our National prize, Toni won:

        • A 6-month HYPOXI membership
        • A 6-month gym membership with either Goodlife or Fitness First
        • A VIP photoshoot
        • A new wardrobe
        • HYPOXI workout gear
        • Valued at over $15,000!



Victorian Prize

Congratulations to Shannon Smith from HYPOXI Sunbury for winning the Victorian prize. Shannon lost 7.5kg and 20.5cm during the challenge, which was a great achievement given all Victorian studios were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Shannon won:

    • A 3-month HYPOXI membership
    • HYPOXI workout gear
    • Valued at $1500!



Meet our 8WT National Winner, Toni Atkinson


When Toni joined up for the 8 Week Transformation, she never thought in her wildest dreams that she would be the national winner. We asked Toni what it was like to participate in the 8WT. Here’s what she had to say about it.

“I AM A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON! There are literally no better words to describe my HYPOXI experience. HYPOXI has enabled me to reverse the damage that 15 years of trauma and stress has caused.

I’m without constant chronic pain, and can move without wondering if I’ll be able to. The improvements in my circulation, inflammation and mobility are nothing short of unbelievable.

And of course the fat burning, weight loss and reduction in my overall size is incredible.


My state of mind has improved beyond my physical changes, I HAVE POSITIVITY I HAD FORGOTTEN COULD EXIST. I used to cry & then laugh to stop myself from crying, now I cry tears of laughter & happiness.

I have learnt to prioritise my own health and how to use exercise to assist in managing stress. I now understand that I need to listen to myself, to take time out for me and that putting myself first sometimes is OK.”




The 8WT has given me the tools to make these changes, and taught me that anything is possible. Nutrition and exercise have now become part of my every day, and no longer something I don’t have time for. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed feeling great all the time!

It takes a Village’ does not just apply to making a man, I could not have done this alone. We may be far and wide, but Australia is still an island and when we say ‘we are all in this together’ it’s actually true. The support, encouragement and positivity of the HYPOXI Team, Studio Coaches and 8WT Group have been fundamental to what I have achieved so far.

I HAVE GAINED A QUALITY OF LIFE I HAD THOUGHT WAS NO LONGER ACHIEVABLE! I KNOW I CAN CONTINUE ON MY JOURNEY, AS I NOW KNOW HOW TO. And I am able to look forward to every single day that the future brings.”

Toni’s Amazing Results

Toni’s Results Start End Total
Weight 100.8kg 92.8kg 8kg
Waist 103cm 100cm 3cm
Stomach 121cm 109cm 3cm
Hips 131cm 115cm 16cm
Bottom 128cm 106cm 22cm
Contracted Leg 71cm 58cm 13cm
Relaxed Leg 69cm 58cm 10cm
Knee 47cm 44cm 3cm
Total cms lost 79cm