Amazing Alicia now looks better than ever

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Rebecca in Fast Weight Loss, General Health, Get Rid of Cellulite
Before and after ASCOT

Between March 2015 and February 2016 Alicia was extremely disciplined and determined and lost a total of 34.6kg and 152cm by doing 3 vacunaut sessions per week.  Here is Alicias story….

96KGs at 33rd Birthday 

So at some point in early March 2015, I recall sitting in my room overwhelmed at how badly I had let my health and fitness go.  I recently had a number of migraines and a few days off work at my very sedentary desk job.  Work meant everything to me and I was at the point with my 33rd birthday looming that I knew I had to do something about my size.  I was about 96kgs and had topped the scales in my teens at 57kgs so this was far from my normal size.  Normal to me was a size 8/10 and now I was between a 16/18, 18 if I am truthful however I’d been in denial for some time. I deliberately bought stretchy clothes which conveniently still fitted although they were getting quite tight.  So as I sat pondering what was to be for me in 2015, I decided I had to do something about my size for my own wellbeing and health.  I started researching…

Whatever I was going to do, had to be easy, convenient, something enjoyable to be able to commit to and be capable of becoming a long term lifestyle choice, rather than a quick fix and of course be safe.  I knew enough about weight loss to know its not short term if you plan to keep the weight off for good.

Nothing seemed to work 

I’d had a gym membership for years and never used it, done a few sessions with a PT,  gone to boring Pilates classes and almost fell asleep doing yoga, these just didn’t work for me.  I’d had friends on diet shakes and other diets only to be back at their GP’s a couple of months later a few kilos lighter but with dangerously high cholesterol and blood glucose levels.  Their weight also returned extra.

Introduction to HYPOXI 

So, I’d heard a bit about this HYPOXI, mostly advertising and hype? But was it just hype or was there really something to this?  I dug around the Internet for locations where it was available and one was located in a nearby suburb to my old unit, so I knew the area and most importantly how to get there. I phoned the HYPOXI Body Studio at Ascot and got the most friendly voice, Lee, the owner. Lee made me a booked me for a Free Session for the following afternoon so I could try it out and see what Hypoxi was all about, how and why it works.

I went to my trial – 30 mins on the L250 lie down, which seemed to end so quickly and with virtually no effort at all, not even a sweat Ladies… Wow!!  I decided I would give Hypoxi a try and went with a large pack that would give me 10 full weeks to see how it goes and if it really works?  I had spent more on other things that don’t work and to put the price into some perspective the pack I purchased basically was the equivalent of me having 3 personal training sessions per week.

I found Hypoxi super easy to stick to with each session being set down as my own person appointment for me!! The sessions on the L250 lie down went quickly, were easy and I barely even raised a sweat.  Even though I hadn’t done any form of real exercise in a long time aside from walking from the train to work – about 10 mins each way.  Initially, I did have sore/aching knees after the sessions but I persevered and found that rubbing my knees with Pain away sport helped and the aching knees totally vanished when I lost my first 10 kgs.  

HYPOXI Lifestyle 

At the end of 4 weeks, 8 weeks etc I saw results! Great results which are recorded by Lee, who always takes my measurements tracking my progress.  Happy for those to be shared too, they are real results, from someone who did just Hypoxi for exercise.  Lee provided me with guidance on food choices and the HYPOXI rules, carbs if you must before Hypoxi then no carbs in the 4-6 hours after Hypoxi.  No white potato either, so I switched to sweet potatoes instead and initially not on HYPOXI nights.  

In April/May 2015, I ended up with a severe case of food poisoning after eating out at a well known seafood restaurant at Sanctuary Cove.  I saw a new GP, who diagnosed me with a hormonal condition, a precursor to type II diabetes and had assisted in a lot of my weight gain around my midsection due to how my body reacts with cortisol and insulin.   The recommendation from the GP, lose weight, see if that helps and come back at the start of 2016 for glucose testing again.  At that stage, I’d already lost 15 Kgs and could see the benefits of Hypoxi, so continued.  

Then on 21 June 2015 I started Isagenix in conjunction with my 3 regular weekly sessions.  I also made other healthier lifestyle choices such as limiting my dairy intake to just that contained in the shakes as it seems Dairy reacts to create a negative insulin/Cortisol response and I also made the choice to cut out gluten.  My boyfriend, Robbie is Sicilian and a fabulous cook!!  He loves cooking pastas, had no concept of portion size and Bread with every meal. So my change in food choice and portion size has been hard. I really miss soft cheeses, pastas and bread but know that these changes have been good for me, the results speak for them self.  

Reaching goals 

Now:  I’m almost 40kgs lighter at my goal of 58 Kgs and have now been doing a combination of Hypoxi and better food choices for almost 12 months. I intend to keep it all going with the exception of 3 Hypoxi sessions per week, I think I will cut back to 2 HYPOXI sessions per week on an ongoing basis depending on how my body reacts to that. I know there are also other long term regulars at the Hypoxi Body Studio Ascot some of whom have been  getting real results and keeping it off for more than 2 years, not to mention Lee herself who knows just how powerful and life changing Hypoxi can be.  


Today I have more energy, am healthier, can think and concentrate better too.

My friends and family say, they didn’t dare confront me about my size but were thrilled to see me start to do something about my health and

I now look like my old self.  I am just so grateful to have found HYPOXI.  

Nothing is as important as your health, you certainly can’t put a price on it because you are worth it!

So try working out smarter, rather than harder, HYPOXI works!!

Thanks for the support Lee and HYPOXI Body Studio Ascot!