All the best personal trainers are hanging with celebrities

Posted on August 10, 2011 by Rebecca in Fast Weight Loss, Personal Trainers

All the best personal trainers are hanging with celebrities getting them red-carpet ready. So what is their fat-burning secret to shaping up?

Celebrity trainers aren’t available on TV only – in fact with the right price the best personal trainer can train you! That is, if you have the budget, time and live in the right location. You see all the top personal trainers are hanging with the celebrities these days (Lucky HYPOXI machines can spread themselves across the country unlike the average trainer)

But who are these personal trainers of major Hollywood Celebrities and how much would it cost for you to learn how to burn fat and lose weight fast?

Hypoxi , your number one weapon in fast weight loss, dishes the secrets of the stars.

1.       David Kirsch

1 on 1 Training session: $500

His Philosophy:  Heidi Klum and most of the Victoria’s secrets Angels. He is the ‘ass master’ and shows his clients how to lose weight to get lacy lingerie-ready booties. Kirsch is a massive advocate of approaching weight loss from a more holistic perceptive, focusing on the power of the mind to achieve optimal weight. If that means we can look anything like a Victoria Secret’s Angel – then we are in!

2.        Terri Walsh

1 on 1 Training session: $400 for a house call

  1. Her Philosophy: Terri is hush hush on her clientele but we do know she trains ‘European socialites with billionaire husbands’. She is known for teaching her clients how to burn fat using their preferred method of exercise.  Like Golf? She’ll have you squeezing your glutes as you cross the green. Prefer tennis? She’ll make you squat deep into your serve! Terri is also a huge fan of perfecting her client’s posture and incorporates Pilates and prop work with bands, foam rollers and Swiss balls to get her clients standing tall!

3.       Joe Dowdell

1 on 1 Training session: $300

His Philosophy:  Joe is big on creating the best celebrity diet and preaches a clean eating, structured meal plan with a blow out cheat meal once a week to recalibrate the bodies fat burning abilities. His diet plan aims to reduce cellulite and he is adamant that his way of life is the alternative to liposuction. Joe has a large focus on functional training with an emphasis on core strength, balance, and stability.

4.       Will Torres

1 on 1 Training session: $200

His Philosophy:  Torres is renowned for supporting his clients 100% from day one, opting to text his clients daily, to ensure they stay on track and lose weight. He also goes above and beyond the call of duty offering a concierge service for clients who need help with picking out healthy meals and choosing the right gym gear! Torres focuses on honing in on his clients weaknesses in order correct any structural imbalances. Once he has defined your areas of improvement,  you will be trained through an hour of intense body weight strength and circuit training.