Wonder Woman Alicia!

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Rebecca in Interview

Alicia Gowans is the ultimate fitness, health and wellness ambassador who has won multiple INBA and WBFF* awards.

As a busy mother of two managing multiple businesses, Alicia uses HYPOXI as part of her regime to keep her body in peak condition! We asked Alicia about how she first discovered HYPOXI, how it has changed the life of her own mum and what her favourite post HYPOXI meal is!

When did you first try HYPOXI and why?
I found HYPOXI 7 years ago, I was desperate to find something that would improve my circulation, I had been suffering from assorted illnesses which were linked directly to poor circulation and I had tried everything.  My circulation issues had also caused cellulite on my upper thighs and butt, something which I had never experienced before.

Skeptical at first, I tried HYPOXI, the results blew me away. My first program consisted of 12 x 30 min sessions. Within this time, my circulation improved greatly, reducing the side-effects and symptoms I had been suffering with – I also lost a whopping 17cms which I didn’t think I had to lose!

How has HYPOXI helped you become the Wonder Woman you are?
HYPOXI has enabled me to stay in peak condition when I am time poor or traveling and enables me to bounce back after periods of social indulgence. I have used HYPOXI prior and post to having my second child, making my return to my pre-baby figure seamless and doable with a new mum routine.

In 2014 I became one of Australia’s first World Beauty and Fitness Federation Professional Athletes. HYPOXI sessions are paramount to my competition preparation – it enables me to recover, repair, detox and pin-point fat loss when dialling in to the final weeks prior to hitting the world stage.

Who has been your Wonder Woman sidekick? 
My wonder woman is my mum – at 61 years of age she undertook her own fitness journey with me and within 9 months we have her looking, feeling and being fabulous.

Mum started using HYPOXI 3 times a week, and has accomplished more than we expected, she has beat her weight-loss goal and has now dropped an unbelievable 47kg. HYPOXI has also played a huge part in taking control of her health also, she has beat type 2 diabetes. Mum is a pure picture of health, she is full of life, happiness and has the stamina to run around after her grandbabies.

What is your favourite HYPOXI friendly meal?
Because I have been using HYPOXI for so long, it so hard to pick just one of my favourite HYPOXI friendly meal, so I am just going to go with my favourite right now!

I absolutely love grilled cajun salmon salad with kale, bok choy and walnut salad and if I am not indulging in that then I am enjoying chocolate Peanut Butter protein pancakes!


*INBA short for International Natural Bodybuilding Association and WBFF, short for World Beauty Fitness and Fashion.


Do you have any questions for Alicia?

Check out her website: www.allysangels.com.au