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As a busy mum and a career woman, Rhonda has been looking for a weight loss solution that’s effective and will fit into her busy schedule. She tried different workout routines and diet plans but hasn’t seen the results she wanted to achieve. 

After searching online, she found positive reviews about HYPOXI and the science behind our vacuum and compression technology. That’s when she decided to join HYPOXI Newstead. 

When she heard about the 8WT challenge, Rhonda immediately signed up as she knew this was the motivation she needed. After the 8WT, Rhonda lost a total of 57cms and 9kgs off her body.

When asked about her experience, Rhonda shared that HYPOXI is a huge part of her body transformation journey. She became fitter, her skin has improved and she feels confident more than ever. 





“My life had been so busy spiralling out of control with work and caring for everyone around me, but not myself. Trying different gyms over the years, diets and fasting with no success. Thinking about getting older and metabolism slowing, I’m concerned continuing this will end with medical problems. So it was time for a new approach, and I am so glad I did!

As a busy woman – mother, wife, worker, I needed real attainable goals, which can be maintained and fit into my schedule. HYPOXI did all this and superseded my expectations.

My initial weight loss was a remarkable 6 kgs in a couple of weeks before the challenge even began. Continuing through the 8WT challenge my weight and body transformation really took shape. I followed the healthier eating plan as much as I could and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is so much variety and it’s a great way for meal plans – and so filling!

I lost a further 9 kgs during the Hypoxi 8WT (with the final weight was a remarkable loss of 15 kgs – amazing!)

It’s a low impact exercise which is ideal. It’s not just the weight loss, it’s the body transformation. I lost so much fluid retention particularly in the first few weeks, and I have gained some muscle toning with HYPOXI. I have become fitter, toned, my skin feels better (not puffy or saggy skin thanks to HDC), my blood pressure has come down to a normal healthy rate now, I feel healthier, my knees and lower back don’t hurt anymore, and I have more energy!

It has particularly targeted and reduced fat around my stomach, hips, bottom, thighs. I have dropped almost 3 dress sizes – simply incredible! I was a tight size 16 and didn’t want to go up another size before I started HYPOXI. I am an easy fit size 12 now, with the potential to continue and safely get to a size 10.

Thank you HYPOXI – I feel amazing!”

– Rhonda



Start End Total
Weight 82.85kg 73.8kg -9.05kg
Waist 92.2cm 80.1cm -12.1cm
Stomach 101.3cm 90.2cm -11.1cm
Hips 103.1cm 92.7cm -10.4cm
Bottom 112.5cm 104.7cm -7.8cm
Legs 107.5 100.4cm -7.1cm
Relaxed Leg 65.8cm 58.7cm -7.1cm
Knee 43.5cm 42.2cm 1.3cm
Total cms lost -56.9cm




Losing weight has been challenging for Hayley especially during the COVID lockdown. She gained weight, had zero energy and developed poor eating habits since the pandemic started. 

After looking at her latest vacation photos, she knew she needed something to get back on track and take control of her health once and for all. That’s when she decided to sign up for the 8WT challenge.

With the help of the HYPOXI coaches and staff, she started HYPOXI sessions at HYPOXI Crossroads. The team created a personalised program tailored to her weight loss goals and in just 8 weeks, she lost a whopping 33cms and 5.8kgs!






“The HYPOXI 8 Week Transformation gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get my diet and exercise back on track. 

After a lazy couple of years (thanks Covid), I was carrying far too many extra kgs and I had zero energy which led to poor eating habits. That cycle we all know too well! 

After a trip to KI, I looked at photos of myself and didn’t like what I saw – I knew I had to do something and HYPOXI turned out to be exactly what I needed. I’ve lost close to 6 kilos and gained confidence (and energy!) to keep up the active and healthy lifestyle they promote. Feeling better than I have in years.”

– Hayley



Start End Total
Weight 78kg 72.2kg -5.8kg
Waist 75cm 67.4cm 7.6cm
Stomach 88.2cm 77.4cm -10.8cm
Hips 89.1cm 87.9cm -1.2cm
Bottom 102cm 98.3cm -3.7cm
Legs 98.1cm 92.1cm -6cm
Relaxed Leg 57cm 55.4cm -1.6cm
Knee 36cm 34cm -2cm
Total cms lost -32.9cm




After having surgery in 2020, Jodie had grown to 115kgs. She tried different fitness routines and diet plans to lose weight following her doctor’s advice. Her body transformation journey started well but unfortunately, she spiralled back and struggled to achieve her target weight. 

After comparing different exercise methods, she saw HYPOXI and immediately knew this was the fat loss solution she’s been looking for. She joined HYPOXI in Myaree before the 8WT started and was surprised that she lost 44kgs in under a year. 

Fast forward to 2021 October, she heard about the 8WT challenge and thought that this is the motivation she needed to focus more on her physical and mental health.

In a span of 8 weeks, she dropped a fantastic 33.5cms and 5.7kgs. Her doctor, friends and family were really impressed. Shopping for new clothes used to be depressing for her but now, she’s always looking forward to buying beautiful dresses that will accentuate her new shape.

HYPOXI training helped Jodie settle into a great routine. She’s now more confident about her body and feels healthier than ever.







“I had gastric sleeve surgery in December 2020 because I had grown to a morbidly obese 115kgs. My surgeon set me a goal weight of 70kgs. By May 2021, I had lost 30kg but my weight loss had plateaued and I couldn’t seem to lose anymore. That’s when I joined HYPOXI. 

It has made such a huge difference to my health and wellbeing. I have managed to lose another 15kg and a total of 70.5cm in just over 6 months and I feel better about myself than I have since I was 15.

I am only 2kgs away from my goal weight and my surgeon is so impressed with how quickly I’ve lost the weight he wants me to offer advice online to his future patients. I will definitely be telling them about HYPOXI!

Before HYPOXI I was afraid to go into a gym but now I have the confidence to walk in with my head held high. HYPOXI is such a safe place to come when things get stressful, and I always leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

After losing 44kgs in under a year I was worried that I would have lots of loose skin, but my skin is looking amazing thanks to 1 or 2 double sessions a week.

My friends and family are always commenting on how good I look, and I’ve been able to buy beautiful new clothes that accentuate my new shapelier self. Clothes shopping used to be depressing and now it is so much fun!

Before this 8WT challenge, I had started to get complacent again, eating unhealthily and falling back into some bad habits which were making me feel sluggish and irritable. This 8WT was the motivation that I needed to focus back on my physical and mental health. I have settled back into a great routine that I feel confident that I can maintain in the future.

I recently had a book published and I have to do some public events and have photos taken. A year ago this would have been impossible for me, my anxiety about being judged would have prevented me from spending so much time out of my house interacting with other people, now I love it.

I’m so grateful that I discovered HYPOXI. It has changed my life for the better in every possible way.”

– Jodie



Start End Total
Weight 77.4kg 71.7kg -5.7kg
Waist 97cm 85.5cm -11.5cm
Stomach 102cm 97cm -5cm
Hips 108cm 103.5cm -4.5cm
Bottom 109cm 97.5m -11.5cm
Legs 100cm 91cm -9cm
Relaxed Leg 60.5cm 53.5cm -7cm
Knee 39.5cm 54.5cm -15cm
Total cms lost -33.5cm