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After a tough year with Covid restrictions, starting a new job, and yo-yo dieting for many years, Heidi knew it was time to change.

Having previously done HYPOXI to shape up for her wedding, she knew it worked.

She was pleased to discover there was a studio nearby and when she found out an 8 Week Transformation was about to commence, knew this was the motivation she needed to get started.

In only 8 short weeks, Heidi lost 62cm off her body and 8.2kgs. Going from a size 14 to a size 8-10, she is thrilled that she can now fit back into her old clothes again.

When we asked her what she did to achieve such a drastic change in her body fat, she told us she just went to her 3 HYPOXI sessions each week and followed the HYPOXI meal plan. In her final two weeks of the challenge, she also combined the HDC suit with the L250 to help tone and tighten her skin.

Congratulations Heidi on being the national winner of the February 2021 8 Week Transformation!






Here are Heidi’s before and after measurements so you can see just how incredible her transformation was.

Heidi’s Results Start End Total
Weight 76.7kg 68.5kg -8.28kg
Waist 84cm 740cm -10cm
Stomach 97cm 80cm -17cm
Hips 101cm 86cm -15cm
Bottom 111cm 104cm -7cm
Contracted Leg 65cm 61cm -4cm
Leg 103cm 96cm -7cm
Knee 43cm 41cm -2cm
Total cms lost -62cm



“Well, it all started some 11 years ago when I tried HYPOXI for the very first time. I was looking for something that would help me feel and look my best on my wedding day. It really worked, for once something actually delivered on what it advertised it could do! AMAZING!!!

So due to yo-yo weight gaining/losing, yes I am one of those, over the past 11 years…..I needed a good kick up the bottom so I turned to something I knew really worked, HYPOXI. I googled it straight away and found a studio not too far away from me at Cleveland and there was an 8-week challenge about to start. I don’t know about you, but I really needed something that kept me accountable, so if the before photos couldn’t do that, then I don’t know what could!!!!! So, I signed up straight away without even thinking.

I am a 48-year-old, time-poor, busy mother of 3 gorgeous children, my youngest I had when I was 38. I was very sporty during my earlier years and so are all my kids, one of which is a personal trainer, so no excuses right 😐….. Well, I am lucky enough to have good advice and great support from all my family but sometimes life just happens, things bring you down and you self-indulge. I needed HYPOXI to help me break unhealthy habits especially bad food choices.


I also needed low impact activity due to some injuries, therefore, limiting me to just the three (3) HYPOXI sessions per week and using the HYPOXI meal plan as a guide. For me, the preparation of my meals due to my busy schedule was the key to getting the results. My biggest concern was the amount of body fat and cellulite, which I call “hail damage”, I had. It just seemed to have crept up on me and I did not feel good about myself and my general health was at an all-time low.

Through my 8-week journey, I ensured I was eating well with the help of the HYPOXI meal plan guide and committed to the 3 HYPOXI sessions each week. Bec at the Cleveland studio has been extremely supportive, and I love her sense of humour, we had some fun along the way, which is always enjoyable while you are on your fitness journey. Laughing and enjoying life is the best medicine!!! I am so proud of the results I have achieved; I am feeling the best I have in the past 9 years and am looking forward to continuing my journey with HYPOXI. I have received several amazing positive comments from friends I have not seen for a while; wow you look great, what have you been doing? I tell them “HYPOXI”

Feeling so much better in my own skin, more energy, fewer headaches and body aches and have lost 3 dress sizes…. Thank you HYPOXI and thank you for the support of the Cleveland studio and friends made along the way.”