6 Secrets To Achieving Your Body Goals FASTER!

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Rebecca in General Health, Nutrition

We all know HYPOXI is a sure fire way to get in shape fast for summer. But there are always simple adjustments you can make to your lifestyle to help enhance results. Here at Head Office, we hear all the experts’ tips on how to reach your goals faster and maintain them. While many of them are common sense, we share 6 of the most interesting fast facts to pass our ears:

  1. Grapefruit juice – Drink it! It actually has been proven to inhibit your body’s absorption of fat and carbs! Grapefruit juice is also low in sugar and can be drunk following your Hypoxi session!
  2. Buy blue plates – Blue acts as an appetite suppressant. As opposed to colors like orange, yellow or red, blue is rarely found in nature and hence doesn’t trigger our primal urges! Maybe you can even whip out a blue napkin for work?
  3. Update your CV – and become a Master Chef! Diet is so paramount to weight loss, but too often we rely on take away convenience food that are far too high in carbohydrates and fats and too low in hormone happy protein. Since weight loss and hormones go hand in hand, it is vital you keep your engine primed with the necessary amino acids. Teaching yourself to cook with ease can help you increase your protein intake and stick with your diet plan without hitting diet boredom.
  4. When it gets hot – ice your neck or even take an iced bath! Studies have shown that it can increase your fat burning potential by 300% and has long been touted by Tim Ferris – author of the 4 hour body.
  5. Squeeze your butt when you walk upstairs- women in particular have notoriously lazy glutes. While there is a lot of conjecture as to why, high heels have a large role in lazy butt syndrome. If you want to add perk to your behind, you just need to start using it. The first thing you can do is engage your butt in your daily activities. So when you are walking up the stairs, actively place your WHOLE foot on the step, place the force in your heel as you lift up and squeeze your butt as you rise. High rise booty in a few steps? You bet!
  6.  Get a hands free phone at work – spending more time standing up will inevitably get your body burning more calories. While you can’t stand and type, the least you can do if you are desk bound all day is give your body the benefit of an office walk around while you are chatting away!

What do you think? Are there any other methods you have used or know that work in your pursuit to lose the last few kilos? We’d love to hear from you! Simply tell us in 25 words or less your fat loss trick and send it to [email protected]. The best answer will receive a an Hypoxi Gift Pack!