Hop your way out of any Easter chocolate guilt

Bring on the Easter long weekend!! Four days of chocolate egg temptation, glasses of celebratory wine and plenty of family lunches… oh the calories!

Instead of pre-guilt panicking – we asked Liz Sanchez, HYPOXI Australia’s resident Master Trainer and Nutritionist for her advice on keeping the long weekend chocolate binge to a minimum!

“With all those alluring Lindt golden bunnies around it’s all too easy to decide to ignore your healthy eating plan over the Easter break. While it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to completely ignore the Easter tradition (and the golden bunnies) I have a few tricks you can employ to make sure you treat yourself but don’t undo all your hard work – and your HYPOXI sessions!” explains Liz.


Liz’s Tips

Do the math

It takes a 60-minute jog to work off a large 100-gram egg, and even a small 7-gram Easter egg will take a 4-minute jog. Do the math and think about how much effort it takes to work off just a few eggs!

Low-carb for the win

Stick to healthy low-carb eating plan – fill your body with HYPOXI friendly veggies such as green leaves, avocado and veggie fruits like juicy tomatos and lots of water. Believe me you’ll feel satisfied for longer and the chocolate egg cravings will seem far easier to deal with.

1 out of 4

Instead of binging over the four days, try and choose one day to indulge within reason!

Stay away from that aisle

Don’t walk down the chocolate aisle. No, really. The choice to eat chocolate begins when you choose to walk down that aisle in the supermarket. If you don’t bring it home (or at least not too much of it), you can’t eat it. The same logic goes for high-carb hot cross buns!


Why not hop into your local HYPOXI for a 30-minute session? By sticking to the rule of no carbs for 4 – 6 hours post session will ensure you steer yourself away from chocolate. Plus we all know how those endorphins make us feel. Golden bunny who?

Stick to the dark stuff

So that you don’t constrain yourself completely, stick to small pieces of delicious dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa if possible!)

Remember: Indulging means treat yourself with a little something that will give you satisfaction, over indulging will give you only lots of regrets!

If you stick to these rules you’ll be feeling fabulous all weekend long – guilt-free! My most important rule of all though, make sure you have a fantastic time with friends, family and loved ones. 

Happy Easter!

Studio Spotlight

Welcome HYPOXI Body Shaping Moorabbin

We are excited to announce that another HYPOXI studio has landed in Victoria – a huge welcome to HYPOXI Body Shaping Moorabbin!

Boasting a fresh and bright space, the studio is located inside a gym which also includes pilates sessions, a perfect fit for those days off from HYPOXI.

If you haven’t met Eri, HYPOXI Body Shaping Moorabbin’s studio owner, head on down and introduce yourself. While you’re at it, don’t forget to claim your FREE trial!

Studio Name: HYPOXI Body Shaping Moorabbin

Studio Address: Level 1, 4 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189

Devices: L250, S120, HDC and Vacunaut

Telephone: 0401 593 557



Lotta’s ‘Embrace Life’ Makeover

Lotta Saarela has had a life changing 12 months. Not only has she lost 40 kilos by cutting out gluten from her diet and using HYPOXI as her only form of exercise, she recently won the HYPOXI Australia Embrace Life competition and has since become a real results ambassador our targeted weight loss brand!


Lotta was the girl who dreaded being invited to a day at the beach. She would either begrudgingly go along wearing a maxi dress to cover up as much as possible or make an excuse not to go. Her lack of confidence began to effect relationships and her social life. Something had to change. Not one for traditional exercise, and being the kind of girl who had an unused gym membership, Lotta was told about HYPOXI from a close friend who had tried (and subsequently raved) about the low impact, natural, hi-tech weight loss method.


Independently tested and scientifically proven, HYPOXI is 3 times more effective than conventional training for targeted fat burning. Combining vacuum technology with gentle exercise, HYPOXI is a fast and effective way to reduce cellulite and lose centimetres from your hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs in as little as 4 weeks. While it may look hi-tech, it’s completely natural meaning there are no side effects. Better yet, sessions are only 30 minutes – perfect for time poor Lotta who juggles studying at university with her part time job and busy social life!






In February 2015, HYPOXI Australia launched a competition that asked it’s clientele to explain how the HYPOXI weight loss and toning technology has helped them Embrace Life.  Zoe Foster Blake, author, beauty editor and long time fan of HYPOXI was the face of the competition that boasted a $10,000 makeover, new wardrobe, and 12-month HYPOXI membership as its main prize.


As soon as Lotta heard about the competition, she began penning her entry;

“I’ve never been a fan of exercise, and was always more or less overweight. With HYPOXI, I’ve managed to gain energy, lost cellulite and extra weight. I wouldn’t trade HYPOXI for anything – I love it!” Lotta Saarela, HYPOXI Australia’s Embrace Life Competition Winner

Lotta has lost a staggering 9.7kg and 56.4cm from those hard to target areas over 36 sessions of HYPOXI. The team at HYPOXI headquarters were so impressed by Lotta’s story that she was shortlisted, along with five other extraordinary women across Australia, for the main prize. As her results were so staggering having only used HYPOXI as exercise, she was chosen as the Embrace Life competition winner!

Lotta was treated to a two-day makeover with Zoe Foster Blake, which saw her transform into an absolute babe of a brand ambassador! She strutted her new figure in a gorgeous Wayne Cooper number and had her hair styled by Babi Colour Lounge in Darlinghurst. Congratulations Lotta on your Embrace Life win!
















Discovered by thousands of Australians as the most natural, effective and time efficient way to eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite, HYPOXI will help you tighten & tone like never before! Whatever your problem area, whatever your goal, target it with HYPOXI.

Feeling Inspired by Lotta?

Contact your local studio for a free trial: bit.ly/HFREETRIAL

Embrace Life Shortlist Announced!

The Embrace Life competition shortlist has arrived!

Over the past few weeks we have highlighted some of our favourite Embrace Life competition entries that have shown how HYPOXI can create REAL RESULTS and change the lives of REAL people!

Whether your voice of choice was through Facebook, Instagram or our website, we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered into the competition. As much as we wish we could hand out prizes to everyone, we have had to narrow down our shortlist to six fabulous women.

The HYPOXI Australia team chose these six entries as not only did they all lose weight, centimetres and cellulite with HYPOXI, they all got their confidence and self esteem back!



Due to an accident 3 years ago exercise isn’t easy, so my dress size went up and my self-esteem went down. 3 weeks with HYPOXI my clothes are fitting and my self-esteem is sooo much better. Thanks HYPOXI.

Mary Anne, 56, Townsville



This is me 12 sessions into HYPOXI. I am not only amazed at the results but for the first time in a very long time I can look in the mirror and LOVE what I see! I have never felt so confident about my figure and I owe it to the amazing staff at HYPOXI Body Boutique Mackay. I have so far lost a total of 27.9cm across my waist, stomach, bottom and thighs and LOVE that HYPOXI targets those stubborn areas. I cannot express how amazing this is. HYPOXI is an absolute game changer ladies! Now to tan that tummy and invest in some new pants!

Jenny, 31, Mackay



HYPOXI has changed my life. After having children and putting on so much weight I embarked on dieting and with the support of HYPOXI I was able to lose weight and feel great again. The staff were really friendly, helpful, encouraging and positive in my endeavor to lose weight.

Anna Smith, 33, Sandringham



I’ve never been a fan of excercise, and was always more or less overweight. After heading to my local HYPOXI studio twice a week, I’ve managed to gain energy, lost cellulite and a lot of extra weight. It takes less than an hour and is easily manageable on the side of my busy life. I wouldn’t trade HYPOXI for anything – I love it!

Lotta, 22, Surry Hills



I wanted a regular exercise system where I could take my baby, as I didn’t have family around to help. HYPOXI made me focus and reassess my health in a supportive environment.

Natalie, 36, Burleigh Heads



I started HYPOXI back in November 2014 and I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but trusted the HYPOXI team at Mascot and together they have helped me achieve some amazing results! I have trimmed over 33cm off my hips, thighs, bum and waist and I couldn’t be happier. HYPOXI is one of the easiest exercises I have done and it compliments my healthy lifestyle. 

Karen, 46, Mascot

Success Stories – Embrace Life

We’re loving the responses to our ‘Embrace Life’ campaign!

Lotta from Sydney has us all inspired with her HYPOXI story…

“I’ve never been a fan of excercise, and was always more or less overweight. With 2 sessions a week at my local HYPOXI, I managed to gain energy, lost cellulite and a lot of extra weight. It only takes less than an hour and is easily manageable on the side of my busy life. I would never trade HYPOXI for anything and I love it!”


Embrace life with HYPOXI and you could WIN a fabulous makeover with Zoe Foster Blake plus a 12 month HYPOXI membership!

Click here to enter