The Transformation Opportunity of a Lifetime

Inspired by their mission to make real men and women look and feel fabulous, Australian Skin Clinics launched a competition this year to give away a transformation opportunity of a lifetime.  Winners received $15,000 worth of Australian Skin Clinic treatments as part of their transformation, $2,000 in cash prize money and a 12-session HYPOXI package!

The amazing prize package attracted thousands of eager entrants but in the end there were two clear winners!

Introducing, Kissarne – the female face of the Australian Skin Clinics 2015!

Kissarne spent most of her youth in the modeling and TV industry. After falling in love with her husband, she completely devoted herself her family’s health and wellbeing. Although a skin transformation was on her wish list for many years, Kissarne always put the needs of others first. As soon as Kissarne’s husband heard about the Face of Australian Skin Clinics 2015 competition, he encouraged her to enter immediately.

Why was Kissarne chosen?

Kissarne’s photos illustrated great potential for improvement with an Australian Skin Clinics’ facial rejuvenation and pigmentation treatment. Her essay also revealed a great personality and attitude that would be a great match to be an Australian Skin Clinics’ ambassador.

Introducing, Kurt – the male face of the Australian Skin Clinics 2015!

Kurt  is a busy entrepreneur who is not ashamed to take care of himself. With a little encouragement from his wife, Kurt realised he needed to take action now to prevent future skin damage.

Why was Kurt chosen?

Kurt was chosen as he displayed great potential for improvement with Australian Skin Clinics acne scarring treatment and laser hair removal. In addition, Kurt has a great attitude and is excited to prove that grooming, skin care and anti-ageing prevention techniques can be a masculine pursuit and all treatments are suitable for any man.

Both Kurt and Kissarne will soon begin their HYPOXI journey – stay tuned for updates on their progress!


alicia gowans1

Wonder Woman Alicia!

Alicia Gowans is the ultimate fitness, health and wellness ambassador who has won multiple INBA and WBFF* awards.

As a busy mother of two managing multiple businesses, Alicia uses HYPOXI as part of her regime to keep her body in peak condition! We asked Alicia about how she first discovered HYPOXI, how it has changed the life of her own mum and what her favourite post HYPOXI meal is!

When did you first try HYPOXI and why?
I found HYPOXI 7 years ago, I was desperate to find something that would improve my circulation, I had been suffering from assorted illnesses which were linked directly to poor circulation and I had tried everything.  My circulation issues had also caused cellulite on my upper thighs and butt, something which I had never experienced before.

Skeptical at first, I tried HYPOXI, the results blew me away. My first program consisted of 12 x 30 min sessions. Within this time, my circulation improved greatly, reducing the side-effects and symptoms I had been suffering with – I also lost a whopping 17cms which I didn’t think I had to lose!

How has HYPOXI helped you become the Wonder Woman you are?
HYPOXI has enabled me to stay in peak condition when I am time poor or traveling and enables me to bounce back after periods of social indulgence. I have used HYPOXI prior and post to having my second child, making my return to my pre-baby figure seamless and doable with a new mum routine.

In 2014 I became one of Australia’s first World Beauty and Fitness Federation Professional Athletes. HYPOXI sessions are paramount to my competition preparation – it enables me to recover, repair, detox and pin-point fat loss when dialling in to the final weeks prior to hitting the world stage.

Who has been your Wonder Woman sidekick? 
My wonder woman is my mum – at 61 years of age she undertook her own fitness journey with me and within 9 months we have her looking, feeling and being fabulous.

Mum started using HYPOXI 3 times a week, and has accomplished more than we expected, she has beat her weight-loss goal and has now dropped an unbelievable 47kg. HYPOXI has also played a huge part in taking control of her health also, she has beat type 2 diabetes. Mum is a pure picture of health, she is full of life, happiness and has the stamina to run around after her grandbabies.

What is your favourite HYPOXI friendly meal?
Because I have been using HYPOXI for so long, it so hard to pick just one of my favourite HYPOXI friendly meal, so I am just going to go with my favourite right now!

I absolutely love grilled cajun salmon salad with kale, bok choy and walnut salad and if I am not indulging in that then I am enjoying chocolate Peanut Butter protein pancakes!


*INBA short for International Natural Bodybuilding Association and WBFF, short for World Beauty Fitness and Fashion.


Do you have any questions for Alicia?

Check out her website:


Wonder Woman Cassandra!

At 20 years old, Cassie opened up her HYPOXI studio in St Ives. Three years on, she tells us what she loves most about HYPOXI and how her superhero sidekick has helped her achieve her goals!

When did you first try HYPOXI and why?

I first tried HYPOXI prior to a holiday one summer when I was going to Hamilton Island. I was dreading getting into a bikini. I wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite and lose cm’s around my tummy, hips, bum and legs. I’d been going to the gym at least 5 times per week but I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, so when I had a chance to complete a 4 week program of HYPOXI before my holiday I gave it a shot! I lost 25cms in total and felt more comfortable in my bikini on our holiday! My skin was so much smoother and toned and I loved the results so much that I completed another round a year later!




What do you love about the technology?

I love how it is a low impact work-out that only takes 30 minutes and that it’s targeting all the area’s of your body that woman/men find hard to shift through regular exercise. You also get the results really fast! Loving the combination of the HDC and the S120/L250! Being pear-shaped these devices are best suited to me. It’s amazing to think that a 30 minute low-impact work-out can make such a difference on your overall body shape. I have lost 9.5kgs in the past year using HYPOXI in the lead up to my wedding this year!

You opened your studio at a young age, what inspired you to do so?

I opened my HYPOXI studio at the age of 20 when I was looking into starting my own business. I wanted to have a business where I was passionate about the products so when I thought about it, HYPOXI won me over. Having had my Studio for almost 3 years now, I feel great knowing I have made so many clients feel that confidence that I felt when I first did HYPOXI. I see amazing results every day and I absolutely love helping my clients reach their body shaping and weight-loss goals! It is an extremely rewarding business to run.

Who has been your Super Hero sidekick?

My fiancé would have to be my sidekick! He has been so supportive of me opening up my own business at such a young age. He always tells me how proud he is and keeps me motivated to continue to grow my business each and every day. HYPOXI has been great for both of our lifestyles too.

What is your favourite HYPOXI friendly meal?

My favourite HYPOXI friendly meal would definitely have to be an Omelet filled with veggies! This fills me up for so long and I don’t get carb cravings at all post HYPOXI.

What do you love most about your job?

Showing my client’s their before/after photo from their HYPOXI program! Their body shapes have completely changed and the look on their face is so rewarding. I absolutely love it when they know all their hard work has paid off.

HYPOXI Body Design Studio St Ives

Suite 2a, Level 1, 2 Memorial Avenue, St Ives NSW 2075, Australia

Bookings by appointment only

Monday and Wednesday: 7:30am – 8pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 12pm – 8pm

Friday: 7:30am – 2.00pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 2.00pm

Sunday: Closed


Please email Cassie on [email protected] or phone 0404 664 308 to book your free trial


Zoe’s Golden Rule for getting Camera Ready

When it comes to prepping for a big event, the girls at The Glow trust Zoe Foster Blake, author, creator of Go-To skin care and all round beauty enthusiast, to give it to them straight.

In a new post on her blog Zo They Say, Zoe details some of the preparations she went through to become the sparkly, Chanel-clad woman we saw walking the Logies red carpet.

While there were makeup artists involved, there was one “magical” treatment in the lead up to the event that she relied on: HYPOXI.

“I would be a total dickhead not to use this magical goldpass before an event where I am wearing a fitted dress, so I have been going as often as I can,” Zoe revealed.

“I use the HDC machine for lymphatic drainage, then the s120 to help fluid retention and tone up. I also walk a lot and do a bit of half-arsed Kayla Itsines at home on the rug while Sonny heckles me about my wussy handweights. (I still have a hip injury, so can’t do the cardio maniac training I used to love.)”

The Glow’s beauty director Nicky Champ tried it out, you can read her review here

Article: The Glow

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The Tummy Flattener Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies are a quick, easy, and affordable way to boost the nutrition you’re getting in your diet. No-one wants to eat bowls and bowls of spinach, but blend them up with fruit and superfoods and you’ve got a meal that not only tastes good, but is fabulous for you too!

Just ask Green Smoothie Co. founder Athanae who is the wonder woman behind the delicious Tummy Flattener green smoothie. It’s one of the easiest smoothies to make and one of Athanae’s our all-time favourites. It’s the perfect tonic to overindulgence. It’s alkalising and a great source of anti-oxidants. Just ensure you drink this delicious smoothie on your non-HYPOXI days!

  • 1 x Green is Good sachet
  • 1 x frozen banana
  • 1-2 generous handfuls flat-leaf (Italian) parsley – even better if you can grow this yourself
  • 1 teaspoon organic coconut oil (Coconut Magic oil is available through our website)
  • 1 cup coconut milk or coconut water Optional: lemon and a handful GLV*

*What the heck are GLV? Green leafy veggies! Think baby spinach, kale, spinach, lettuce and silverbeet.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.24.36 pm


For more information follow the Green Smoothe Co. on Instagram or
check out their website!


Rita’s HYPOXI Journey

“I have been a big girl all my life.  Working in an office all my life probably hasn’t helped, along with a mildly underactive thyroid, and a fondness for my mum’s European cuisine, I thought I was destined to a life of size 22 jeans!

I’ve had some good years where I lost a lot of weight, kept it off for a few months but then it always crawled back on. Over the years I have tried every diet imaginable, and I have paid good money to shift the weight – but nothing has been long lasting. That was until I discovered HYPOXI.

In early 2014 I received some medical news that was to be the catalyst for my decision to set some long lasting weight loss goals.

I went to see a reputable dietician. This lovely professional helped me set some serious weight loss goals. Was it hard?? Oh yes, but nothing long lasting ever comes easy – right?! Following the meal plan and keeping away from as many social functions as I could avoid, I managed to lose 20 kgs!  But then I plateaued and gee… I was depressed.  As much as tried I could not get the weight to shift again, so I thought, OK, I need to do some form of exercise.

For those who know me, would agree with me, when I say that I’m not really the most ‘active’ person on the planet.  I have never graced the insides of a gymnasium, I had never thought of paying a person to make me run around a park at some ungodly hour and frankly the only time you will see me running is if someone is chasing me!!

So I went online and did some research, trying to find some type of “easy going” exercise regime, and I came across HYPOXI. I read the testimonials, read some more articles and thought, “Hmmm a FREE trial at my local HYPOXI Studio. Let’s give it a go”.

And so, after my first visit, I was hooked!  It was so easy to do the sessions.  And best of all the weight began to shift, the cms started to melt away.  After nearly 3 months and 32 sessions and following all the recommendations from my dietician, I lost an additional 15kg and over 40cm.

Since my initial weight loss journey began, I have now lost 46kg, and dropped 5 dress sizes . All as a result of my healthy eating plan devised by a professional Dietitian and regular, committed HYPOXI sessions.


But my story does not end here. I believe in HYPOXI so much that in late 2014, I made the decision to open my own HYPOXI studio.  In addition I am now training as a Food Coach where I can add more value to my clients’ weight loss program.

I really love how HYPOXI has assisted me and I know that it has the potential to help anyone who is really serious about weight management. HYPOXI is a natural, gentle, yet highly effective form of targeted fat loss. It is suitable for a variety of people – those like me, those who do not enjoy traditional forms of exercise, those whose exercise capability is limited due to injury, or regular exercisers who are looking for targeted results in their real stubborn areas.”

Rita will open her HYPOXI studio in early May in Earlwood, NSW.

Inspired by Rita? Contact your local studio and book in your free session: